11 stunning templates that will elevate your blog

May 20, 2018

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Who says a blogger blog has to be boring?

Someone once said; it's not what you've got but the way that you use it.

Well I couldn't agree more when it comes to designing a blog to be proud of. Every platform has it's limits and if they were all to be judged on what came with the kit, then that's going to be a very one-sided argument.

We can talk more another time on the pros and cons of which platform and why, but for today I wanted to give you a taste of what is possible using my personal long time favourite: Blogger, aka Blogspot.

As one of the oldest platforms it no longer has the shiny-object appeal of many, and for this reason it is frequently overlooked. However with a little creativity and imagination, I believe it can shine just as well as any of the others.

One immediate way to elevate your Blogger blog from ho-hum to yum-yum, as it were, is with a little visual face lift.

One way to do this is to roll up your sleeves and get busy with the code. I absolutely love this sort of thing but I know it is not everyone’s cup of tea. The other way is to have someone do the work for you, but this can potentially be an expense that you just aren’t ready for.

And then there is the middle way, which is kind of the way I’ve always done it: install a pre-designed template and then modify the heck out of it to get it to where you want it to be.

it's true: it's not what you've got, but the way that you use it! c/o @gingerurchin

As might be expected, there are a ton of places to find templates for Blogger - both free and premium. Deciding which avenue to pursue really comes down to a choice in aesthetics and functionality. Free templates will naturally be more widely used, so potentially more effort has to be put in to make it yours. But an effort worth its while for sure.

With so many to choose from (and let's face it, quite the range in quality) it can be ridiculously time-consuming picking through them to find ones that will tick all the boxes. To this end, I have compiled a list of those I found recently that stood out from the crowd of either uber-corporate or same-same. 'Cause there is a middle path where beauty meets function. Dare I even say, sex appeal?

Anyway, moving on...

11 gorgeous templates that stand out from the crowd
aquae laptop mockup
Aquae, from Pipdig
view live preview // purchase +/ download
brighton laptop mockup
Brighton, from Blogs&Lattes
view live preview // purchase +/ download
featured laptop mockup
Featured, from OddThemes
view live preview // purchase +/ download
foodlicious laptop mockup
Foodlicious, from YoTemplates
view live preview // purchase +/ download
hazzle laptop mockup
Hazzle, from BeautyTemplates
view live preview // purchase +/ download
igallery laptop mockup
iGallery, from TemplateClue
view live preview // purchase +/ download
WOW! // elevate your blog from ho-hum to yum-yum with these stunning Blogger templates // #bloggertemplates #blogspotinspiration #webdesign c/o @gingerurchin
leslie laptop mockup
Leslie, from Blogs&Lattes
view live preview // purchase +/ download
minimalist laptop mockup
Minimalist, from ThemeXpose
view live preview // purchase +/ download
minute laptop mockup
Minute, from bThemez
view live preview // purchase +/ download
sartorial laptop mockup
Sartorial, from Pipdig
view live preview // purchase +/ download
shine laptop mockup
Shine, from Themeswear
view live preview // purchase +/ download

It's not what you got, but the way that you use it.

As you can see there really are some beautiful options available for us Blogger-bloggers.

All templates typically come with comprehensive installation guides and depending on whether you opt for a free or premium version, additional support and enhanced features are at your disposal making any future troubleshooting painless.

When looking at potential templates, it's a bit like looking at houses - you have to look at the bones of the structure rather than the finishing touches. Colours, fonts and graphics can all be changed, but the location and relation between spaces is what you are really gaining access to.

Anyways, as you can see this is a huge topic that we've only just skimmed the surface of. If you have any questions about choosing a Blogger template, please drop them below and I will be sure to respond.

An infopreneur and creative mentor, Beka Buckley is passionate about exploring the intersection between creativity, spirituality, and entrepreneurship. With a focus on sharing craft, blogging and social media guides on her blog, she helps can-do, creative souls become independent leaders of their domains, both on and offline.

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