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April 22, 2018

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A blogger's education is never done. There is always something new to learn.

Be it the latest social media marketing algorithm or best writing practices, the online landscape constantly changes.

As such there is always room for growth and improvement.

This is the second in a mini series I am sharing regarding the topic of blogger education. The first, 9 free blogging courses you can start today, focused on introductory topics and was for the beginner blogger seeking to get beyond the concept phase of "I would like to start a blog".

This second post moves past the initial stages and caters to those looking for more information on which to build their knowledge for a low investment, not quite ready to commit the finances or time to an in-depth course.

Turning to books at any stage in one's journey are always valuable.

Here then are my picks of books for new bloggers:

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1 // My Blogging Secrets, Amber Macnaught
One woman’s guide to becoming a pro-blogger. From how to come up with an idea, how to persuade folks to read it, and ultimately how to make money from keeping an online diary, My Blogging Secrets is highly recommended for anyone wanting to keep that personal edge to their content while maintaining an audience.

2 // Pro-Blogging Secrets, Bob Lotich
The follow up to his first best-selling book, Pro-Blogging Secrets is aimed at bloggers with a couple of years experience behind them looking to stretch to the ‘next level’. With a to-the-point, no-fluff writing style the book covers a wealth of valuable strategies, tips and answers for growing and earning more with your blog.

3 // Show Your Work!, Austin Kleon
With a focus on the creative aspect of blogging and being online Show Your Work is a manifesto for succeeding as any kind of artist or entrepreneur in the digital age. Filled with illustrations, quotes, stories and examples this is about using the network instead of wasting time ’networking’, and that ultimately criticism is an aid to growth.

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4 // Lifestyle Blogging Basics, Lauren Lynn
Initially covering the essential groundwork for crafting a lifestyle blog, Lifestyle Blogging Basics takes a deep dive into the most effective ways to invest in yourself and your blog, work with brands and cultivate a long-lasting community.

5 // Blog Boss, Julie Reif +‎ Andrea Grbavac
Written in a fun, easily digestible format and illustrated throughout with original graphics Blog Boss is both practical guide to starting a blog and inspirational introduction to what’s ahead on your blogging journey. With some alternative ideas not found elsewhere this ebook will get your creative ideas flowing.

6 // Blog, Inc, Joy Deangdeelert Cho
Although somewhat older from the others on this list, if there is one book that seems to be the ultimate must read of blogging, this is likely it! Certainly it was my first book on the topic and one I have referred to many times over the years. With expert advice from the award-winning blog-author and interviews from others throughout Blog, Inc is the complete package from starting out to moving on in your blogging career.

But tell me: what are some of your must read books for bloggers? I always appreciate a great recommendation!

Meanwhile, if you are looking to add a little more organisation to your blog-biz day, check out the new and improved Blog & Media Planning Kit - 25 pages of printable worksheets to organise your work flow, here:

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