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April 08, 2018

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Are you looking for a way to get your blog-biz organised and more manageable so that you can feel confident and excited to work on it, rather than feeling you are constantly fighting an uphill battle?

To have a repeatable system that saves you from missing critical elements from your post creation and marketing outreach? A way to track all the groups, affiliates, and financials you are juggling rather than relying on memory and random files? And some simple tools to clear the information overwhelm when it comes to coordinating your blog and media strategies?

Me too. Though I think I may have the solution you are looking for. #getittogether

If you are anything like I was, we all start our blogging journey on a shoestring, bootstrapping much as we go. At the start we make do with a favourite notebook, pen and monthly calendar for as long as we can, keeping tabs on all the ideas and tasks that come with the territory. We may start to get a little more organised as we take on more elements with some basic record keeping and simple filing systems. But that can often be as far as it gets.

I’m not knocking that—I still use a blank composition book and pen for most day-to-day task tracking and processes—but as our blog life becomes more complex on our journey to becoming a full-time blogger*, every now and again we need to up level our systems with some basic planning forms and tools to make sure things don’t fall through the cracks.

*for the purposes of this writing ‘full-time blogger’ can be a mindset as much as an actuality

Over the years I have been rather the notebook and planner junkie, I will admit: from Franklin Covey and Filofax to various other systems, but none of them really fit for what I needed when it came to organising my blog and biz.

And so it was that over the course of my blogging journey I slowly built a tool kit of what I needed to plan my content editorial and blog posts, my Instagram grid, the products and services I wanted to create, right up to my current desires for keeping track of affiliate accounts and pin groups.

Really all the essentials I needed to run this here circus.

Cut the overwhelm and busy with your blog-biz. Get the 25-page Blog + Media Planning Kit from @gingerurchin and #getittogether

What you will get inside the Blog & Media Planning Kit 2.0

In total there are now 16 blank and undated worksheets that cover the key organisational and record-keeping areas you need to run your blog-biz empire with ease.

Find printables for:

:: blog-biz big picture orientation
:: goal + project planning
:: 12-month + 31-day calendars
:: weekly to-dos + schedule creator
:: blog organisation + housekeeping log
:: blog content idea record
:: individual blog post planning
:: online community planner
:: instagram grid planner
:: pinterest group board log
:: affiliate reference sheet
:: income + expenses tracker
:: 12-month stats log

And just for fun, the Blog & Media Planning Kit 2.0 edition includes 3 quotational art prints of my favourite go-to mottos to print out, frame and add to your home office walls. #notallworkwork

sample planning sheets on desk

As a frugal person who doesn't like to see waste, it was important to me that these printables were multipurpose and undated - no need to include sheets for the sake of and the flexibility to begin using them now rather than wait 'til the turn of a new year. The huge bonus is you can print as you go, year after year.

My particular favourites with this in mind are the month-to-view calendar, weekly planner and 12-month stats log.

The weekly planner is unlabeled so you can organise your week by day, project or area of your business. Sometimes things need to be done by certain days of the week, other times things are flexible it’s more about the project. Great for doing a complete business audit. #hinthint

The 12-month stats log is a relative newcomer to the kit and again I have left the columns unlabeled so as to allow users to decide for themselves which stats they want to keep a record of - no need to waste a perfectly good column on YouTube followers, say, if you don’t do that. Record sales figures, followers, shares, whatever suits your needs best.

Another significant design decision, and possibly something you may notice and wonder about, was my choice not to include space for written references to passwords and login details in the making of these printables.

While I understand that some kind of assisted memory-keeper for these things is somewhat necessary, I still believe that writing them down can be cause for data breach. My personal preference is some other storage system for such information away from everything else such as a browser extension or encrypted document on your private cloud drive.

Most of all though, what you will find in this kit (with the exception of the art prints) is very little glamour and a heaping of the practical. Something I think we bloggers, whether beginner or long established, all need in an often otherwise complex arena.

It is my greatest desire that these printable worksheets make your blog life all the more manageable and enjoyable. No more running around headless, and more forward momentum!

preview of the planning kit worksheets with text

I myself have found tools like these to be indispensable when it comes to keeping all my ducks in a row. And while I still like to use my trusty notebook to store everything, the planning sheets are frequently the thing that helps me detangle all the thoughts and reminders I would otherwise have spinning about.

"Creativity needs discipline"
-- David Ogilvy

Ready to add a little organisation to your blog-biz day? Click the image to purchase your Blog & Media Planning Kit.

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Looking for more blogging and social media tips and tools to compliment the kit? Find those here and here.

Thank you, and here's to an organised blog life!

An infopreneur and creative mentor, Beka Buckley is passionate about exploring the intersection between creativity, spirituality, and entrepreneurship. With a focus on sharing craft, blogging and social media guides on her blog, she helps can-do, creative souls become independent leaders of their domains, both on and offline.

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