March 25, 2018

spring equinox plant mandala*this post is inspired by the /NOW page movement project by Derek Sivers

Currently I am...

...Enjoying the blue skies and sunshine of spring long in the coming to the Okanagan. As I write this we still have banks of snow piled up about the place but it is finally diminishing to reveal the sad brown and flattened ground beneath. It is Spring Break.

...Excited by the arrival of my new desktop computer, an ASUS Vivo AiO V221 all-in-one, and getting things set up once more. I do my own install and data transfer. My poor laptop was beyond hope of salvaging or repair when diagnostics showed that it was the screen itself that had died over the graphics card. We made a full backup of the hard drive (thankfully that was preserved) and have since installed that to an older laptop that we do still have, as well as keeping it as an optional external drive. Lastly I harvested the two memory cards, but the rest will have to go to recycling.

...Reading up on and refreshing my memory on the magical correspondences relating to technology. In light of my recent triple whammy of voltaic disruption, I am hearing the message loud and clear to listen. This has not altered my view on the influence of Mercury Retrograde, but I do appreciate that it is at times like these that we are called upon to remember and honour our right relationship with these things.

When so much of our lives depends on having a constant flow of access, we are surely also disciples to it with all the responsibilities of that. One choice is to become independent of that if we can; the other is to form a relationship of reciprocation with it. So I am seeking ways to reset the balance with the tools that I know, which is with a generous heaping of "woo-magick".

...Finalising the details of a revised cartomancy offer and shift in my business. Technical glitches aside, I am aiming to share the details of that with the coming Full Moon. Those on my list will hear first.

...Letting go some of my Asian fashion doll collection. After nearly a decade of collecting, I have decided that it is time to downsize my plastic family. I am no longer photographing or sewing for them in the same way as I once was and I have long been out of the community. My dolls have given me much joy over the years and those that remain will continue to do so. I will no doubt continue to dabble with them, but there is no longer the desire to hold on to all of them. I am of the mind that toys of any kind are best to be played with and if I am not, then they are best moved to those that will.

...Getting over the last of a horrible cold that I’ve had recently. I don’t know whether it’s age (haha) or what, but a couple years ago I got really sick with something and it really affected my lungs, weakening them considerably. Ever since I have issues with an occasional cough, but when I get sick (which thankfully is rarely) it goes into my chest and I have issues that last a while. Last summer’s forest fires and constant poor air quality did not help things either. I just have to remind myself to take care of myself more, something I am not always so brilliant at doing. It’s a process...

...Deciding which of these free online blogging classes to take. Really it is a matter of finding the time to sit down with them as opposed to just filing the information away ‘til whenever. Right now I am feeling I may put them on the backburner until my summer sabbatical. I really appreciated it last year and am feeling the need to make it an annual thing. Do you have something similar in your business? Not so much a vacation, but an extended retreat for learning, creating and ‘visioneering’ the next phase of your enterprise.

But what about you? What are you up to lately?

Feel free to do your own /NOW post on your blog and link back in the comments for folks to check out.

:: beka* ::

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