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March 11, 2018

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As a blogger it soon becomes clear there is way more to things that just writing posts, and indeed the more you get involved the more you realise you have yet to learn. As a blogger the commitment and willingness to having a growth mindset that is always learning is fundamental to one's long term success.

It has been a while since I focused specifically on furthering my blogger's education, but the itch to revisit things from the ground up has been growing with the slow arrival of spring and so I have been having a good old time scouring the best of the internet for what is now available.

Make no mistake there is an ocean of materials out there for the modern blogger and it can be more than a little overwhelming to say the least, so I thought I would split up my findings into a mini series of resource posts to make it somewhat more manageable. In choosing resources for this first post I have focused on courses that are not platform-specific and that focus on the basics of blogging itself rather than the numerous other aspects a Blogger mark 4.0 must become familiar with.

This first post then I have decided to start at the very bottom of the ladder as it were with a selection of free workshops and courses. Some I have personally taken in the past that are still available and others are on my potential list to investigate. I am of the mind that one should never leave any stone unturned, for everyone has their gems to impart and what you might not comprehend when presented in one way, you instantly gain enlightenment on by another.

1 // All the Way to $5K, Secret Bloggers Business
If you're trying to make money blogging, Kate McKibbin's 'summer school' workshop will show you the 4 simple steps every blogger must take to turn their blog into their business. Discover a simple, step-by-step and no nonsense process to earn your first $5K month on your blog.

2 // Become a Better Blogger, Jeff Goins
"Want to get better at blogging? Tired of spinning your wheels, creating content that never gets read? Whether you’re just getting started or ready to go to the next level with your blog, this 12-day email series has something for you."

3 // Beginner Blogger Bootcamp 2.0, Krista Dickson
"A beginner's guide to starting and monetising a blog from scratch, this course will walk you through setting up, designing, and launching your brand new blog. With a little manifesting magic thrown in for extra pizzazz!"

4 // Blog Like a Mag(azine) 3.0, byRegina
"Learn how to treat your blog like a magazine and grow it like crazy. BLAM is a great idea for you (1) if you are just starting a podcast, live show, video series, or blog and really, really want to create something that matters and gets noticed, plus something that can be monetised in the future, or (2) if you have been creating content online for a while and want to refresh your site, podcast, or online presence and figure out what isn't working or why it's not getting the traffic or readership you expected."

5 // Blogging 101, The Million Dollar Mama
"7-day direct email course that covers everything from choosing a domain name and hosting, how to make your blog look beautiful and professional, how to drive traffic to your site, the best ways to monetise and more saving you a ton of time in the start up."

6 // Build a Profitable Blog, The Femprepreneur
"Not your typical "make money blogging" course, this is fresh squeezed, tried and tested, next year’s model kinda stuff. This is an approach to making money blogging that goes against everything you think you know about monetising your blog. This 8-day email course shows you how to build a focused, profitable, niche blog and business. Build a Profitable Blog is for people ready to harness their unique perspective, talents, and experiences and start making money with the resources they have now."

7 // Build a Successful Blog, Helene Sulla
"Dispel the myths and help you overcome struggles to make your blog succeed this course covers all the steps you need to take to create a successful blog. Learn Helene's top strategies for constructing a blog that helps build lasting relationships, targets the right people, and raises your online profile."

8 // The 10 Day Blogging Quickstart, Just a Girl & Her Blog
"Step-by-step email course to help you start your blog the right way, laying the exact steps for building a successful blog from day one."

9 // The Part-Time Blogger, Jade & Oak
"If blogging is your side hustle, instead of your full time gig (at least for now), this email course might be just what you are seeking. There’s so much to think about with blogging and, if it isn’t your full time job, it can be a lot to deal with. Learn the time management strategies that will give you back your free time. Learn how to blog better."

BONUS // 31 Days to Build a Better Blog, Darren Rowse
Originally published in 2007, this 31-day challenge walks you through a list of tasks that you can do to make your blog better. The challenge archive comprises of two parts - tips from author and host, Darren Rowse himself, and Problogger reader submitted tips to support the main challenge content. Although older than the other resources here, and since updated into an eBook, I still believe there are gems to be had in among this list.

So what do you think? Will you be taking one (or more) of these this season? Got an awesome blogger's education resource you think I must hear about? Please share below!

:: beka* ::

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