6 key ways to extend the life & value of your awesome blog post

February 04, 2018

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Doesn’t it seem a shame to go to all the (huge) effort of crafting a piece of online content to have it be gobbled up in no time at all in the flow of notifications or soon buried into your own archive vault?

Let's face it, there are only so many times you can keep repeating the same piece of content over and over to your network before their attention wanes. And, if we're honest here, so does our own.

So what is an awesome content creator like you to do?

With so many options for sharing information online beyond the simple article format available today, and with different folks learning in different ways, it is extremely beneficial to tap into those formats so as to share your wisdom with more folks in ways that they learn best.

So even if you feel like you are repeating yourself like a bad record, as you broaden your outreach formats your content will meet new audiences for the first time. Old audiences too will hear your message again in potentially new ways, sparking fresh understanding or spurring them into action because they are ready for it.

With the idea that repurposing your existing content is an awesome thing rather than a 'cheat', how do you go about it?

The following six ways are key areas I have identified as being the fundamentals of a content repurposing marketing strategy. Also known as 'the juicing effect'. (Actually I have no idea whether that is true or not, but it sounds better than the former, no?)

| Content bonuses

Whether it’s checklists, infographics, templates, scripts or simply a pdf version that can be downloaded, people love memory-joggers and done-for-them content so they don’t have rethink the wheel.

While you may think it is obvious and possibly a bit of a cheat to provide these things, I know from my experience as a researcher and gatherer of information, these things are immensely helpful in saving time.

| Expand + Extend

Depending on how much content you have to share, one post can become the gateway to further posts on the subject, either literally or by association.

Use it as the opening into a series of linked posts, hosted either on the blog itself (which is good for SEO, by the way), or as an email mini-series or challenge such as I did with this post.

Or, if you are feeling brave and there is enough content, an online class could be the way forward.

Lastly, but possibly most simply, is to include it in a classic round-up post such as 10 ideas for a happy handmade holiday, or an ‘ultimate guide to...’ features post.

Again, this type of internal link-up post is awesome for SEO as you knit together related posts within your own domain. The SEO gods will thank you for it.

| Multimedia

Online video in its many forms is taking off like nobody’s business in 2018.

From full-length video tutorials to accompany a written post, to short, 30-seconds or less snippets, that relay one idea or message, there is a readily available video format for any situation should you so choose to explore.

Oh, and just because you are an elusive goose when it comes to putting your face on the screen, doesn’t mean you can’t explore other avenues for harnessing the power of multimedia: trusty old PowerPoint slideshows are a great alternative to video, and audio versions of your content are awesome for those on the move.

| Relink

Beyond the internal links in other related posts and a resource page on your site, externally you could relink it via relevant queries on Q+A sites, a cycle of ‘archive dive’ type reposts on social or to other locations you have identified as viable distribution options*.

*My personal choices of which are included in today’s bonus – scroll down to access.

| Rewrite

Yes, yes. I know. You just wrote the dam thing, and now I’m telling you to rewrite it! Am I crazy?


But hear me out. This can be a two-pronged approach.

For your newer posts, in a similar vein to what I suggested above when I spoke of content upgrades and expanding your original piece, what about transforming it into an eBook or guest post?

In either case both these two new pieces of content can link back to the original post and your site, bringing a new audience with them.

As for your older posts, if you are anything like me you have that one post that even after all this time still out performs your newer content. However since that time your skills as a content creator have changed, and compared to your latest output, the old one looks somewhat dated shall we say?

While you may not be able to do a complete overhaul, revamping, updating and making improvements to the original post with new information or other enhancements (such as shared here) can bring a new lease of life to that little gold mine.

Potentially this could be a huge undertaking, I know. Especially if you have been blogging a number of years. But the investment in your primary asset is well worth it both for the personal satisfaction and pride in your work, and in the returns that additional work will bring.

| Social shares

Last, but by no means least, there are numerous ways to repurpose and disseminate one post’s content on social media.

From multiple variations on the graphics shared, to ‘tweetables’ and caption snippets that post single ideas or prompts, the key here is to rather than thinking of your post as a single block of information, break it up into bite-sized pieces for instant digestion that can be shared out over time.

As you can see there really are many, many options and ways for you to get the most out of every piece of original content you create.

I am just getting into this myself so I understand there can be both excitement and overwhelm by all this information.

To keep my ducks in a row as I go back through my archives and with each new original piece of content I create going forward, I have compiled a full checklist of these ideas and prompts for easy reference – ‘cause I like easy too!

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Today’s bonus includes:

-full list of ideas for extending the life and value of your amazing content
-my favourite locations for redistribution
-list of tools, sites + resources to aid you

Are you ready to start repurposing your awesome blog post?

So tell me

How will you be squeezing the juice out of your awesome blog post?

Which of these ideas has caught your curiosity to explore more?

What do you think of the idea of repurposing old and existing content over generating more posts?

How do you think this will help with blogger fatigue?

Drop your thoughts in the comments below to discuss. I look forward to hearing from you.

In the meantime, grab your download checklist and resources guide here.

:: beka* ::

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