pocket potholder diy

January 21, 2018

easy sew pocket potholder diy

A little while back I took it upon myself to make a set of new double oven gloves. At the time I was inspired on the back of my success with that project to make a matching potholder for those times when just one hand is required.

Stuff happened and I didn’t get around to doing that. Until now.

Call it the influence of #NewYearNewHustle, but some refining of the content I want to share in this space this coming 365 and a renewed enthusiasm spurred me on.

This is actually such an easy project and perfect for anyone just getting familiar with a new sewing machine.

For the pattern I used the same shape as the double oven gloves I made, with some minor modifications as you will see from the pattern, here.

easy sew pocket potholder diy

You will need:

-fat quarter each of patterned quilting cotton + plain cotton twill
-0.25 metre quarter of quilter's batting
-0.25 metre insulated batting
-coordinating cotton thread
-wide double-fold bias binding (use pre-made, or make your own as I did using Vanessa's method)
-fabric scissors
-hand sew needle + pins
-tailor's chalk
-pattern template

easy sew pocket potholder diy

With your pieces cut out, begin stacking the layers together. For the thermal pad that will come into contact with direct heat, layer the cotton twill, two pieces of thermal batting (silver sides facing the twill) and top quilter’s cotton. Pin +/ tack stitch these layers together.

For the pocket, sandwich the quilter’s batting between the quilt cotton that was cut on the fold, fold over and again pin +/ tack stitch in place.

easy sew pocket potholder diy

Using tailor’s chalk or an iron-erasable pen and your ruler, mark up your quilting lines on the twill cotton side of the four layer heat pad. I set mine at approximately one inch intervals.

Machine sew over the chalk lines, using a long, straight stitch and walking foot. Tie off the thread tails and trim off excess.

easy sew pocket potholder diy

Next up, stack the two halves of your potholder together, matching curve edge to curve edge and checking that the open pocket is level. Pin in place to be sure things don’t move about.

Begin positioning and pinning your chosen bias binding along the edge of the top side of your potholder, gently marrying up the bias with the curve of the pad as you go.

Optional: tack stitch the bias around the curved sides of the pad before continuing with attaching the bias to the final top edge.

easy sew pocket potholder diy

To turn the right-angled corners, pinch the bias into a triangle and pin carefully. To finish the top edge, trim off excess bias, fold back one end and overlap with the other before securing with pins +/ tacking.

Machine stitch all around the edge to secure the bias and two halves of the pad together.

Remove any tacking stitches that you may have.

easy sew pocket potholder diy

Flip the pad over to the cotton twill side and complete attaching the bias into place. This is relatively simple as the bias will naturally want to flip over and you can easily tuck the final edge in, fold down and secure with pins.

The corners will form neat pleats with little bunching as would have been the case with a square/box fold.

Complete by hand sewing with cotton thread using a basic whip or blanket stitch (which I think is more sturdy for this project’s end use) if you prefer.

Lastly, give your completed pocket potholder a nice hot iron to finish. And hey presto! One handy-dandy potholder!

easy sew pocket potholder diy

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