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January 07, 2018

aromatherapy essential oils anxiety

Hello again, friends! I hope you had a fantastic holiday season and are raring to go for 2018 with new ideas and projects on the horizon. I know I have.

One of these is to explore the use of essential oils for anxiety management.

I have used essential oils on and off since my uni days as and when the need has arisen. They are usually among my first port of call for self-medication and first stage in self-directed healing.

For the last couple years now I have been managing my anxiety on and off with allopathic medication as prescribed by my GP as a means to level out my experience. While this has been working, I have long wanted to find a way to manage this ‘feature’ by other means, or at least in compliment to modern medicine.

And so, as I was pondering during my annual #InvokeYourYear process and reading up on such things, I decided that one way I would approach this this year would be to explore and experiment with my trusty essential oils.

Over the years I have gathered quite the little collection of various oils and was therefore quite pleased to discover I had many of the potential oils I needed to begin with. Currently only two are ‘missing’ from my anxiety arsenal: roman chamomile and orange. These I may well introduce later once I get a feel for how the current ones are performing.

For the record, here are the ones I am starting with and why:

Lavender // for nervousness + anxiety, a tranquilliser, relaxant + sedative, also good for depression + insomnia; can be used both internally + externally; a bit old-granny and cloying to my taste I do love the waft of it in the garden and for this I am willing to experiment

Lemongrass // for anxiety + stress reduction; I have always loved the clean scent and tart flavour of lemon, lemongrass has a slightly warmer edge to it I feel

Mandarin // a central nervous system moderator + tranquiliser, this is good as a relaxant, sedative, and mildly hypnotic it has rather a woodsy orange scent to it; also good for palpitations, stress, agitation, insomnia + severe anxiety; again can be used both internally+ externally

Rosemary // another good old fashioned herb garden favourite, has cardiac and nerve regulatory properties, again for palpitations + depression; can be applied both internally + externally

Ylang ylang // warm + sweet scented with mellowing properties, this last one is recommended as an antidepressant, sedative, and nervous relaxant with use in the symptoms of palpitations, insomnia, stress, severe anxiety + panic; for external use only

As you can see I have no specific brand that I favour though I have to say, the teeny bottle from The Body Shop is quite adorable! I tend to just go for which ever brand carries the specific oil I am looking for at the time.

I also like to buy the single oils rather than pre-blends so I can create my own combinations, though I know other folks like the latter for ease of understanding. I just like to know what exactly what I am using and to have options.

Lastly, the other thing I want to experiment with is application and diffusion. I already have an oil burner, but that kind of means my entire household have to be subjected to the aroma which is a problem when you have certain members who are sensitive to strong ‘stinky’ odours.

Instead I want to look at options for making either something that can be applied topically when needed or a wearable, such as a bracelet of some sort.

So that is where I am at. I know many of you are way more experienced with this topic than I am, so please feel free to share your knowledge in the comments. I am all ears!


:: beka* ::

reference // Chemotyped Essential Oils & their synergies, by Dr A Zhiri

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