how to merge pinterest accounts

October 29, 2017

how to merge multiple pinterest accounts
*With thanks to Hanna Abreu and Annina Päivärinta for the prompt to discover the answer to this.

I believe in keeping things simple. Not more so than with the social media accounts I keep and maintain, which can easily become a whole job in itself.

As such I am very cautious about having more than one profile on any outpost (says she with 3 email addresses), but I do understand the logic behind keeping your personal activities separate from your business ones online for many.

However sometimes, especially when your brand +/ business is an integral part of your personal expression, the distinction between the two and what you share where can get really confusing, really fast.

So when the topic of whether to save time and effort in maintaining multiple accounts on the same platform (such as Pinterest) comes up, I am all for advising folks to combine the content into one.

With the awesome tool that is ‘Secret’ boards too, keeping one account for both business and pleasure is even easier than in Pinterest's earlier years.

So how do you combine multiple accounts?

There are no native tools within Pinterest, nor as far as I can tell with the automated pin-scheduling tools, that will work the magic for you. So you’re going to have go a little old school and diy-it.

As you will see however, the process is actually incredibly easy and will certainly save you from the confusion of signing in and out multiple times between accounts – particularly so if you are dealing with more than two accounts.

The choice of which account will become the primary solo account is entirely up to you depending on what your goals and feelings are, though I would suggest moving which ever has the smaller account into the bigger one to save you time.

Steps to merging more than one Pinterest account

Note :: for this process I'm going to be using the desktop version of Pinterest to illustrate this transfer and a dummy personal account as stand in.

1 // Begin by opening up and logging into the account you want to import boards into - in my example I’m going to be merging my 'personal' account into my business account, so the business one will be the one I log into.

Open a second Pinterest window tab and browse to the account you want to import from – in this example, it will be the 'personal' one.

*showing the account I am signed into on the left, the account I want to import from on the right

2 // Back in the business account create some new secret boards with the names of the boards you want to recreate. You will be populating these with the relevant pins from the personal account boards in a mo...

*showing the new, temporarily secret, boards on my business account

3 // With your new (secret) boards set up in your business account you can now flip back to the personal account and repin the contents of each board you want to transfer to its new location on your combo account.

Note :: this is a great time to recheck your pins for broken links +/ outdated information – no need to repin content that doesn’t add value.

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*repinning from inside a specific personal account board to the relevant temporary secret one in my business account

4 // When you are satisfied you have all the pins you want to import transferred to your new (secret) business account boards, you can complete the final bells and whistles such as branded board covers and keyword rich descriptions before launching them publicly.

Note :: if merging in the opposite way – business to a personal account which is then going to become your primary account –boards that you no longer feel relevant to your new focus can be made secret and vice versa.

5 // With your transfer complete, you can begin the process of closing down the account that is no longer required.

Note :: rather than going gung-ho with deletion right away, if you are feeling a little cautious switch all public boards to secret for a set period to be sure that you have not missed anything; then at a later date proceed with a full deactivation of the account when you are satisfied that everything is running smoothly.

It is so much easier having one account for everything, even if your business is multi-focused – plus, if integrating a business account into a personal one, you may be pleasantly surprised at how many of your personal followers become fans of your business also. Good luck!

As always, if you have any Qs, please feel free to ask in the comments and I will endeavour to assist.

In the meantime, hooray for not dividing yourself in two and for more social media resources, come follow me on Pinterest!

:: beka* ::

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