summer hours & persons sought

July 02, 2017

announcing my summer hours + persons sought // taking a blog sabbatical

I am unplugging for the summer, folks.

From this space. From feverish social media activity. For the entirety of July and August.

Oh, yes!

I was just going to go with the usual August Break but as I sat with it and what is being called to dig in deep into, I realised I needed more space and waiting felt like procrastination of the inevitable. And I’m just not into that so much. Seize the day, and all that...

Plus what with a full house of boy and manhood about the place as of now, things are going to shift into a different schedule anyhow.

So summer hours it is.

While I won’t be posting here and generally be quieter on social than usual, I will however be continuing my daily creative practice of Instagram posts and monthly new moon missives which now more than ever will be a window on my behind-the-scenes.

Clarity conversations

Ginger*Urchin is, and has been, in the process of moving into a new phase for some time now. With a number of small parts in place the call to focus exclusively on this bigger, more expanded vision has become louder and louder to one I can no longer ignore.

What I am speaking of is the decision to embrace the call to support others in a more structured way as ‘coach’, facilitator, mentor, guide, alchemist.

As part of this shift I am actively looking to talk to multi-faceted creatives who are either currently in the process of (or who have previously struggled to) figure out their path and which direction to go. I am offering this totally free with no hidden strings or obligations attached.

As you might imagine, the more people I can talk to the better, so as part of my outreach I thought I would ask if there is anyone in your orbit who you think I should talk to.

Maybe they have become disillusioned with their journey so far and are seeking something more +/ different, or they have been presented with an unexpected opportunity to change direction but are unsure what to do. Maybe they simply struggle with deciding what it is they want to do because they are beautifully multi-faceted and highly creative.

I would love to speak with these people, in person or by email for just a little while to see where they are struggling most. At the end of our conversation together they will gain greater clarity around their direction + a refreshed forward momentum.

If you, or someone you know fits the bill, please get in touch and I’ll follow up with some times we could talk.

Thank you so much for your support – I can’t wait to share the results of this with you later this year!

In the meantime I challenge you to take a step back from the usual rounds of digital engagement and tune in to what is truly calling your heart and soul beyond the limits of should and what you believe to be true. I think we all need a reset every now and again. I challenge you to make that time now.

| In the comments tell me one thing that you really want to achieve this summer. I’d love to hear about what excites and gets your soul fire burning.

:: BEKA ::

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