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June 04, 2017

handmade double oven gloves show + tellwith grateful thanks to my other half for modelling

We have been on the lookout for a suitable pair of replacement oven gloves for sometime but with not really much luck. So with a little research, some fabrics from my trusty stash and some effort I decided to make my own pair with reference to a couple of tutorials I found from Adrianne and Vanessa. Altogether I am rather pleased with the outcome as my first project using my 'new' electric sewing machine.

Materials used

:: patterned quilting cotton for topside + pockets
:: plain quilting cotton for bias binding
:: cotton twill for the underside that would touch hot things
:: quilter's batting
:: Radiantex insulated batting
:: cotton thread

handmade double oven gloves show + tell

How I interpreted the tutorials

First off I used the pattern provided by Adrianne to print and cut out. I expanded the length of the 'twin' piece by a further 3 inches to get the full length of the double mitt I was after (34 inches) which meant sellotaping an extra piece of paper to the fold end. The other alteration I made here was to cut my top piece from a single piece of fabric, rather than not.

Under the advisement of the sales assistant from where I purchased my insulated wadding I used two layers of insulation in addition to the layer of regular wadding in my multi-layer sandwich. It made for a lot of layers to the side of the mitt that was going to come in contact with heat, but I really wanted to be sure of safety here. For the pockets, on the other hand, I just went with a thinner, simpler sandwich of patterned fabric and wadding.

For the base I decided I wanted to add some diagonal quilting to stabilise and strengthen that half of the glove. Initially I marked up the diagonals with masking tape but this was eating tape like nobody's business and was occasionally getting caught in the stitches when removed. So I switched to using tailor's chalk pencil which will rub off over time.

The other thing I learnt here was due to the thickness of all the layers I had to use quite a long machine stitch (5.5) so as to not pinch the fabric so tightly and distort the movement of the layers. I had already tack-stitched the pieces together around the outer edge but machine-stitching them before going across with the diagonals really helped keep everything from moving about even with the use of a walking foot on the machine.

Lastly, the bias binding I created myself from 100% quilter's cotton using Vanessa's instructions and attached using Adrianne's, finishing off on the opposite side by hand with a simple slip stitch.

handmade double oven gloves show + tell

With this project complete and some materials still remaining, I am now looking to run up a couple of matching potholders to complete the set. In the meantime I can't wait to try these out with our Sunday dinner later today!

// resources //
Adrianne's Oven Mitt, via She Can Quilt
Vanessa's Double Oven Mitt, at Crafty Gemini Creates
More of my favourite crafty diy pins to make

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