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May 21, 2017

etsy shop update

I have been having some fun over the last week creating a handful of super small alpha garlands for availability in my handmade shop.

These mini paper quotationals are all of 1 inch high and because of their diminutive size are machine stitched with coordinating sewing cotton. Like all my garlands they can be requested in either black or white to suit your decor and will come carefully wrapped for safe delivery.

etsy shop update

Being so small they are ideal for updating an office pin/bulletin board, strung across a mirror, room or refrigerator door. They would especially add a touch of happy to a traditional office cube or other small space such a student locker.

As always, if you have an awesome idea for an alpha garland quotational that you'd like to see, do let me know - I'd very much like to make something for you.

:: BEKA ::

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