what receiving a blog award taught me about manifesting

April 09, 2017

ginger urchin

So. Funny story: I got nominated for a blog award!

Earlier this week fellow Okanagan blogger Randi, at Life’s Simple Adventures, bestowed on me a Liebster Award. Talk about small world, eh?

| What (in heck) is a Liebster Award?

According to the Google'verse, the Liebster Award is a blogger-to-blogger honour given to small, up and coming blogs. Originating in 2011 and meaning favourite, beloved or darling it is given in recognition of a new blogs’ contribution to the community. In addition, nomination for the Liebster Award draws attention to these smaller readership blogs, connecting and promoting them to a potentially wider audience.

Having been writing on the internet since circa 2010, I don’t really consider myself being a new blogger in the true sense of the word, but all the same being given this acknowledgement got me feeling rather old-school nostalgic for those early days of online community.

I am still very small and so it is really very lovely to be highlighted by the wider blogging community. Sometimes it can be lonely and weird writing on the internet, like you are sending a message in a bottle with the hope that your words connect with someone else. To be recognised by others in such a way as the Liebster Award for all the effort involved in running a blog does reinforce that feeling of it being worthwhile.

| Be careful what you wish for

Which is what got me thinking about how this comes back to my visibility intentions for the year and rabbit hole deep dive into the art of manifesting. Through this lens of awareness I can see the generosity of the Universe and its patterns of cause and effect.

What I may have previously avoided as another chain-mail link-up that involved unwanted work that distracts me from creating the focused and intentional content that I want, it dawned on me that this was effectively what I had been asking the universe for:


Ask the Universe for what you want and it will provide. Even if what it comes back with was not quite what you intended. Ha!

Not that I am ungrateful for this award. Far from it. In fact, because my request appeared to me in this way and I can see it for what it is, I am even more grateful for the insights it brought with it:

That in order to manifest my desire in the way that I want it, I have to really narrow down to a very specific result, so there is no room for future misunderstanding or crossed wires before I ask. This may take a few iterations before I truly get the vision I have, so it shall be interesting to take notes and be my own test subject.

And so this lovely surprise, though not quite what I was meaning when I said ‘visibility’ as my word of the year, I graciously and in good spirits receive, and give thanks to the Liebster Award and Randi for this opportunity to teach me something valuable.

| The not-nominated list

In the spirit of the award's intention of discovering new blogs I am going to bend the rules a little* and while I am not nominating them as such, I thought this a great opportunity to share a few of my most recent favourite reads:

:: Esme Wang -- writing about doing meaningful work within the limitations of chronic illness
:: The Meaning Movement -- a community for people pursuing deeper meaning in what they do
:: Moon + Quartz -- putting a new, grounded twist onto old astrology
:: Psychology Junkie -- my go-to for everything Myers-Briggs
:: Sarah K Jones -- heart provocation + soul inspiration for the healing archetypes

*Either that or I am doomed for a hundred-thousand years. Or whatever!

| So tell me:

What do you think of using pay-it-forward awards to give the little guys acknowledgement? What else could you do to support the blogs you love?

What 'not quite what I asked for' gifts have you been offered or received? What did they teach you about refining your manifesting mojo?

:: BEKA ::

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  1. I'm happy there are folks who pay attention to the musings and beautiful efforts of these writings shared with the world. They're beautiful. Congratulations! I have learned that no matter how detailed I am with "asking," that sometimes the universe shows me another door or a different angle, and one must listen carefully.

    1. ...yes indeed, the universe is far more imaginative and holds that many more possibilities than we shall ever come up with. I like that so much! And sometimes what we are offered is what we need. I think what we can do is refine our ask as best we can, with the knowledge we have and allow whatever to unfold. I am certainly game to see.

      Thank you for sharing your thoughts, and kind words, Anon. It is deeply appreciated.