easy origami box tray & letter to envelope

March 19, 2017

Recently I had a couple of impromptu situations come up in the midst of some larger projects I am currently working on where a quick and simple solution was needed so as to keep the momentum going rather than get side-tracked with something else.

Looking around at what materials and resources I had on hand to do the job, in both cases my mind turned to the art of origami in search of such a quick solution.

The first of these was a handful of little open-topped box-trays just the job for grouping the small sets of components I wanted to keep organised. Made from sheets of bright coloured printer paper they are simple enough to replace as and when the time comes.

I was so delighted with the result I turned the steps into an Insta' gallery post!

Open-topped box

easy origami
easy origami
easy origami

The second of my two design problems came out of a simple desire to fold a letter into its own envelope, as correspondence of old. I wanted to find something that was easy enough and did not require either tying or sticking close (as with sealing wax) but a self-contained piece. The following technique did just that.

Letter & envelope in one

easy origami
easy origami

My interest in origami is very much that of the elegant solutions to simple design problems variety and will unlikely go much beyond that. However for some truly magnificent origami inspiration the sculptural paper work of Hoang Tien Quyet is in an entirely other league.

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:: A love note to paper

In the meantime, tell me in the comments what your favourite paper craft project has been.

Happy Sunday!

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