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January 22, 2017

planning your year

My usual end of year habit was slightly delayed this time around what with bringing Instagram in 30 to completion + release. But also whereas in previous years I have happily, uber-enthusiastically even, joined the throng of female online entrepreneurs in their processes of completion ceremonies + forward planning, this year the whole thing no longer fit.

Altogether it felt, quite frankly, draining, boring, overwhelming + not really actually productive.

Maybe, with a quiet roll of the eyes, you have felt the same?

"If the process of going after your goals doesn't light you up
- then you need a new process."
-- Danielle laPorte

Instead I decided to cut all the distraction + diversion + get to the guts of the whole thing; breaking it down into a simple 4 step process, thus:

1. Complete

Simply put, bring to a close any outstanding business that you can – be this in your work or at home. For me this meant bringing to final completion the huge undertaking of writing the body of contents for Instagram in 30.

It is also my habit at the end of a calendar year to do a purge + archive of all files, folders, documents + photos held on my laptop, tablet + Google Drive, backing them up + moving all to my separate cloud drive. I do the same purge + archive for my email, though the archive of this remains on the Google server.

I purge out all subscriptions (Unroll.me can be handy for this), bookmarks + apps that are no longer exciting or helpful to me. And I update all passwords - this year for which I used an online random password generating tool for simplicity's sake.

Lastly, I reset my physical workspace, cleaning out my day bag + setting everything back into its proper place. This year the latter part of this is somewhat incomplete still as I am soon to be moving my workspace location where upon a blitz of everything will be done.

2. Crystallise

The next step on to all this decluttering + cleansing process is with a clean slate you can now assess your true situation free from things of the past holding you back.

Take a look at the ecosystem of your business (in addition to this blog’site, for me this includes all my social media + retail outposts) + create what I call a snagging list of to-dos of where I want to expand + make changes to things. It's a perfect opportunity to note down all those little things that maybe have been bugging me for months prior to attend to + not!

This is also the point at which I take an honest look at any pending projects +/ commitments + decide whether they still hold value + meaning for me + therefore whether they are still worth pursuing in the coming months.

origami paper boats

3. Intend

With all the earthly business attended to, now we move into the fun part where we can go a little woo but still remain grounded.

Knowing where you want to expand + make changes you can set real intentions + goals around what it is you want to achieve, create +/ develop over the coming months, rather than be distracted with nebulous + elusive concepts.

:: What offers do you want to make this year?
:: What tools do you want to learn + really dig into?
:: Where do you want to see growth?
:: What skills for your business do you want to develop this year?
:: When in the calendar makes sense to check in with things?

Just don't go too crazy with this part, okay? It can be fun to try to pack everything in + cover all your bases, but you are human + while our monkey-mind brains believe we are super-human + can do it all, the reality is that more often than not only half of it will get done because life happens + things take longer than we think - hello first e-course!

So be kind, plan small but potent, + know that as you walk forward new things will unfold for you. It's all good, I promise.

4. Invoke

Lastly, + this is the bit that I feel often gets missed with other end of year planning parties, you want to start drawing in + building what it is that you want for the coming year.

This means on a practical level, excusing yourself from those pending commitments that no longer fit your path, setting up fresh files + systems, printing new calendars (I always diy blank month-to-view calendars), + following through whatever can be done most immediately with the least amount of fuss from your snagging list.

On a more poetic level, this can mean crafting a fresh sacred space, conducting a very personal + unique ceremony of opening + invitation, or refreshing + updating an old-school pinboard with inspirational images. Whatever it is, it should never distract from the actual earth-bound action of moving forward.

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"You don't have to have it all figured out to move forward."
-- @ThinkGrowProsper

I don’t believe planning is really meant to be such the big event that seems to be contagious. While it is all lovely + good to build up all that excitement, it actually ends up being a distraction + ultimately overwhelm from getting the work done.

Keep things simple: plan for a few months, the next quarter say, + keep moving forward...

:: BEKA ::

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