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January 29, 2017

I don't know about you, but I like to keep things simple. This is especially so in the realm of technology with its plethora of bells and whistles for all manner of purpose.

When looking for any tool I seek both simplicity of use and diversity of application. The jacks of all trades (or at least, many). And while there are lots of fancy gadgets out there I like to keep things as straightforward as possible as there is only one me, with only so much time to be giving to these things.

With that said, the following are the top go-tos I have incorporated into my personal Instagram game and that I would recommend having in your starter’s tool kit for the platform.

essential tools


:: Google Drive (desk + app) // for storing +/ organising content media for use at a future date. The bonus is that platforms like Later (see below) can access your Drive directly making planning + scheduling your Instagram really easy.

:: Bitly (desk + app) // a long time favourite of space-restricted Twitter users, this simple tool abbreviates those crazy long urls into something far more manageable. Bitly also allows these shortened links to be personalised for clarity’s sake and each bit-link is trackable so you can follow engagement behaviour.

Content Creation

:: PicMotion (app only) // at the close of last year I was looking for a way to share my top 9 images in a way that was still in keeping with my content aesthetic. PicMotion appeared as a super easy slideshow creator that allowed me to select the images I wanted to include along with a nice little transition effect, predefine the length of the slideshow to Instagram's parameters and then post. Overall it was a super nice way to create a little montage of the images I wanted to share without a lot of fuss.

:: Regrann (app only) // everyone loves to reshare content on Instagram and you can't do that on your grid without an additional tool for the job. Regrann lets you do just that with/without adding watermarks direct from within Instagram. Common courtesy is to include credit on any image/video that you reshare that is not of your own creation and Regrann automatically allows you to repost the original caption along with credit links. I currently use the Regrann app for all MiRANDA's content curation and resharing.

Scheduling + Grid Planning

:: Later (desk + app) // linked with Google Drive (above) to pull in content, this visual calendar enables the easy planning and scheduling of Instagram accounts under your command. This is a must for setting things up in advance when the creative juices are flowing with captions and hashtags, or just dragging + dropping for later (haha!) completion. Later was a total life-saver when I went on vacation last summer as it enabled me to plan out an entire week’s worth of pre-determined posts so I was free to fully enjoy my time away.


:: Squarelovin (desk only) // although I do have an Instagram Business account that does provide me with some audience analytics, what is really helpful in rounding out my understanding are Squarelovin's insights. From here I can watch the growth of my account, track likes and followers, review post performance and gain insights on how to plan my account for best engagement. It's all fun here!

:: Simply Measured (desk only) // in exchange for a follow on Twitter, Simply Measured provides a one-off analysis report that, like Squarelovin, measures engagement, content, trends, and more, my favourite of which is a list of the most active commenters on my account. Although the longevity of these reports are time-sensitive, you can export them and request further analysis.

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