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September 18, 2016

icicle installation

Happy Sunday, friends!

Something about the cooler weather clears my foggy summer brain and the creativity muse starts to get active again. (Of course having the boys back in school also helps, but hey, I definitely notice the difference temperature has too.)

Muse-struck as I have been, I've been working like a crazy thing on a number of projects and I am pleased to announce that I have now gathered both my tarology and photography offers under one roof at Etsy.

Both these are ‘digital’ services in effect so it made sense to gather them there.

Wild Readings with The Wild Unknown deck will continue to be offered in two formats: three-card readings at each New Balsamic Moon and bespoke Burning Question readings as requested.

In addition I am excited to now offer a 3-moon package for the Balsamic Moon, allowing those who wish to have an ongoing dialogue to do so more easily. Cycles of the Moon (as I have called them) are for three readings that can be used as desired within 6 months of purchase.

digital photo prints

I am also excited to make photo prints more immediately accessible with instant digital downloads for self-printing and framing. Each photo listing includes the original digital file at 300dpi along with a ready-to-print pdf of the same files at varying sizes. This means you can print as many copies you want at a range of easy to frame sizes.

At present I have listed photos from my spring and summer garden, with more autumn/winter images coming next month.

instagram project

Lastly, and most exciting to me right now, is the launch tomorrow of a fun Instagram 'bonus' project that has been brewing this summer. As you know, I have rather fallen in love with the platform and finding my way there. This project has come out of that love for it, a way to share my joy of it and some of my favourite finds.

Using purely crowd-sourced content, MiRANDA is an online photocentric zine that aims to capture the unique user experience that art, architecture and the natural world inspire. That sometimes elusive, intangible sense that comes in the presence of beauty and that touches spirit. Transformational and transcendent.

My hope is that the combined experience the images portray will inspire and uplift others in the same way it does me.

For now I am keeping it small and simple. In time, who knows...

Please drop a note below if you have any questions - I'd be delighted to answer! Thank you.

:: BEKA ::

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