from unicorn to bridge

August 21, 2016

susannah conway august break 2016susannah conway august break 2016susannah conway august break 2016susannah conway august break 2016fat mum slim photo a day challenge

This week's handful of link love:

:: 10 steps to creating engaging Snapchat Stories -- or Instagram ones for that matter

:: The Traveller's Journal -- self-study class sharing concepts and techniques for keeping a journal dedicated to travel + adventure

:: Are you more of a Phoenix than an Octopus? -- the other kind of 'multipotentialite'

:: Leaving magic behind -- or litter. Depends on who's looking ;)

:: What I want to tell you about having work that goes viral -- be prepared for the unexpected

:: To those who are struggling -- you are not never alone

:: This is the question -- who do you want to be in your business?

:: BEKA ::

This month I am joining Susannah Conway for her annual August Break: a month of photo prompts to share in our online spaces, with words or not. Nice and simple. Keeping it easy!

Follow my photos each day on Instagram, explore the growing collection of images from the project community with hashtag #augustbreak2016, or find out more + join the fun here.

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  1. lol. I love your unicorn shot! Visiting from the August Break link up, but I'm definitely going to be checking out some of the links you shared in this post. Hope you are having as much fun participating in August Break this month as I am! :)

    1. ...hey there! Thanks so much for dropping by :)

      I am enjoying the change of pace + content for sure this month. Breathing room, yet keeping my hand in things.

      Hope you find some things of interest with these links. I always have a ton more and hope to find ways to share them more frequently. I often do just that on Facebook, but sometimes its good to share in other spaces too.