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August 14, 2016

susannah conway august break 2016susannah conway august break 2016susannah conway august break 2016susannah conway august break 2016

In the dim and distant past of blogging it was quite the thing to post round-ups of favourite finds from about the 'verse. In contemplating these August Break digests I thought it would be a perfect tie-in to go a little 'old-school' and share some of the things that stuck out to me from my Feedly-feed this week.

I hope you enjoy the following...

:: One of those nights -- reflections of those nights where, against all logic, you find yourself feeling small

:: Your one trick -- what could you create if you stopped relying on your one fancy trick?

:: A revolution with no rewind: Galileo’s daughter + how the patron saint of astronomy reconciled science + spirituality

:: How to be authentic (and not a hot mess) -- how can you be a real person + not be a hot mess, on social media? (podcast)

:: It's none of your business -- a comeback that guarantees to shut your inner critic up faster than it can whisper "you're a loser"

:: How to sell your woo -- a workshop for coaches, strategists, mentors, teachers, mediums, spiritual guides + anyone else who can’t figure out how to make people "get" what they do

:: Mother, Writer, Monster, Maid -- powerful exploration of the relationship between artistry and motherhood; it's long, but well worth reading to the end

What are you reading?

:: BEKA ::

This month I am joining Susannah Conway for her annual August Break: a month of photo prompts to share in our online spaces, with words or not. Nice and simple. Keeping it easy!

Follow my photos each day on Instagram, explore the growing collection of images from the project community with hashtag #augustbreak2016, or find out more + join the fun here.

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