wind moon medicine wheel

March 28, 2014

new moon plant mandala medicine wheel

hollyhock // russian sage // pear

Welcoming another new moon with the creation of a plant mandala from things found about my garden.

While the shapes and textures of last year's remains are still interesting to me and I smile at Spirit's challenge to stretch myself in finding new ways to form these sacred circles, I shall truly be glad when there is some new life and colour to play with for these...

In the meantime, what I did think would be a nice complement to these mandalas would be to include some information on the folklore surrounding each moon. To this end I have included some of this below. For years I have done this in notebooks and journals as a way to seek inspiration for infusing my month (and occasional magick) with connections to the natural world. Though I like to gather references from a wide range of sources, it is then down to just being observant and simply noticing those things that are significant to my experience. This to me is practical magick.

Of course whether or not you work with magick, these observations can be used in many ways to infuse your life with references to the natural world and its cycles. As with all things, use what feels right and leave the rest...

new moon plant mandala medicine wheel
Folklore of the Wind Moon

Alternate names
...planting // earth mother // spring // sprouting grass // seed // egg // wind // hare // growing // budding // alder...

Medicine is the time to stop planning and start doing // take all those ideas you've had brewing for the past couple of months and make them come to fruition // take advantage of and act on opportunities that are offered // put your energies into creating, manifesting and producing // balance nerves and emotions, embracing self-confidence and self-reliance // and time to begin planting a garden and speak with the fae folk...

...willow // alder // ash // watercress // loosestrife // hibiscus // oak...

...diamond // malachite // beryl // sapphire // zircon...

Animal hawk // magpie // ram // bull // hare // robin // woodpecker...

...air // water...

...brown // light green...

new moon plant mandala medicine wheelnew moon plant mandala medicine wheel
How do you like to mark the cycles of the moon? What connections to the earth does the Wind Moon inspire?

references & further resources
Llewellyn's Complete Book of Correspondences, by Sandra Kynes via Google Books
Moon Magick, by D J Conway via Marissa MoonDaughter

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