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March 22, 2014

throat chakra blue colour studythroat chakra blue colour study
A peek into my explorations of the throat chakra and colour play with blue this week.

Enjoying working in one of my sketchbooks with this process I pulled out all my blue colouring supplies except for the fluid acrylics and began with making a chart of all the blues I have in my collection. I am really enjoying the soft and subtle blends of watercolours and watersoluble mediums...

I played also with some dripping and the need to overlay the image of the crystal-centered lotus flower that keeps popping up for me of late. The wax resist was lots of fun to reveal... Although this this is the lighter of the two blues to be explored through this rainbow journey, I kept wanting to pull in the full range of blue at times.

throat chakra blue colour study
At the moment I am not sure whether to add some journalling to these pages. I guess I am waiting for the right phrase to come through. When it does I will add those thoughts to these pages...

What do you think of when you see blue?

For me blue sparks thoughts of water, rain and vast blue skies that stretch from horizon to horizon. Being educated in England, I have always associated deep blues with uniform, so for a long time avoided blue of any kind outside of that environment. Today though I am drawn to the brighter, stronger blues of cobalt, azure, turquoise and kingfisher, taming them with deeper blues to calm their vibrancy.

Blue is associated with expression of voice and my thoughts leap to memories of singing as part of a choir and the power I felt in that joyful vocal expression albeit somewhat anonymously as my voice merged with others. Not for me solos or karaoke! Then or now. Some food for thought for private exploration certainly *grin*...

What of you? What does seeing blue spark for you?

the series 'Colour Therapy' is a peek into my colour explorations led by Louise Gale and her Creative Colour Energy workshop.

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