seeking some colour therapy

February 06, 2014

A veritable rainbow of colouricious snippets gathered as part of Louise Gale's Creative Colour Energy workshop series.

Things have been a little monochrome around here lately, and while I do very much like the crisp minimalism that an Okanagan winter brings, I don't have much care for the drear grungy muck that it so rapidly fades to under human foot. So I am rebelling and seeking my colour elsewhere!

Spanning a period of five weeks and presented through a mixture of audio, video and playful creative exercises that include free-form journalling, painting, collage and photography, Creative Colour Energy explores how colour speaks to us on an emotional and creative level. Exploration of colour also draws upon eastern philosophy and colour's associations with the chakra energy system, something that has been calling my attention to explore more deeply for a while also.

Several hours of chopping up old magazines destined for recycling (and still more to go) in search of colour swatches has already begun to brighten my winter grey seeing all my snips gathered all higgledy-piggledy. Now I want to rainbow-ify everything!

As for the winter drear? By the time this class is complete, the first glimmer of Nature's own colour should be making its' reappearance from beneath that deep blanket of white...

What colours have you noticed in your world today?

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