a terrarium of oracles

January 22, 2014


"as I cultivate my own nature, all else follows"
The Book of Runes, by Ralph Blum

I have long not been one for 'resolutions' and more one for laying intentions of where I want to focus my energies each year. The past previous years I have refined that to what is becoming le mode du jour of choosing a 'word of the year' and indeed, for the past couple of years this has worked to encapsulate the theme I have wanted to explore very well.

In trying to do the same for twenty-fourteen I found myself repeatedly stuck. Though many words were contenders, none represented the collective. And then I simply decided not to fight it or procrastinate any further and just go with the feeling of what I wanted to achieve over any logic-minded 'box'. As is always, always the way of Spirit, in doing so I am already manifesting my intention and am reminded of my first lesson of twenty-fourteen: that of trusting my own inner expert and acting upon it.

Ever since I saw Cassie's genius idea, I have been struck with the notion of creating an oraculum of symbolic representation that could reside in full view, reminding me daily of my intentions rather than be lost in the pages of my journalling and thusly fade into vague memory. A Spirit-aided accountability agent *grin*

Some digging about for a couple of hours in my little workroom unearthed a collection of thirteen suitable and meaningful 'keys'...

black crow feather :: voice
white goose feather :: navigation
feather faux butterfly :: muse
peacock ore :: alignment
quartz :: clarity
silver florin :: abundance
wooden cotton reel :: weaving the thread
quill pen :: expression
egyptian cat :: leadership
spiral stone :: circulation
dried poppy head :: living dreams & deep sleep
seashell :: exquisite self-care
ornate key :: access to hidden places

...and a terrarium of oracles for twenty-fourteen was manifested. A contract with Spirit made.

I am all for keeping things low-key and simple but sometimes, sometimes, a little theatrics is required to begin the motion, don't you find?

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