grandmother moon medicine wheel

December 02, 2013

new moon mandala
new moon mandala
new moon mandala
Today the balsamic moon is at it's least visible, marking the turning point into another loop round it's lunar cycle. This moon will see the longest night and midwinter point. To honour this I create a monthly medicine wheel, or mandala, with found objects from my garden.

With a deep blanket of snow there is little out there save the pine and last few rowan berries that cling to the skeletal fingers of the trees. The hazels reveal a few catkins now their heavy leaf is fallen, so too the tiny buds containing next spring's foliage. A sign that winter does not last forever, even here.

The light here today is gloomy as we watch a snowstorm blow through the valley, swathing the mountains in cloud to swallow them whole it seems. As if on cue, winter is here with the arrival of the grandmother moon...

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