repurposed sweater leg warmers

November 11, 2013

handmade repurposed sweater legwarmers
Clearly I am a terrible wife. In an oversight I shrank one of the Mister's favourite pure wool sweaters when it got caught up into the laundry over a year ago. Initially I thought I could use it myself, once the guilt wore off, but alas it had gone too far even for that to pull off successfully (pardon the pun!). So here is has hung, with me pondering what to do and building up the courage to repurpose it.

And then it hit me: legwarmers. Or gaiters. Or gaiter-warmers*.

Perfect for tucking the lower half of my trouser-pants into my winter boots, with the added bonus of warmth and winter weather protection! Plus on those many cold days and evenings at home, they will be the perfect additional layer to my usual loungewear ensemble.

The transformation process is incredibly quick and simple, and a brilliant way to rescue an otherwise disaster: just chop off the arms of said orphaned sweater, and either turn over and stitch the raw edge like Rebekah of A Bit of Sunshine or, like I and Victoria of VixenMade did, use the hem of the sweater bodice to finish the top, and you're done!

Now I feel all retro and nineteen-eighties with recollections of dance and gym classes *grin!*

handmade repurposed sweater legwarmers
*Although that last makes me think of a sweater-wearing alligator... But I digress. Happy Monday folks!

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