new moon medicine wheel

November 02, 2013

plant mandalaplant mandalaplant mandala
Answering a growing call and inspired by the lovely ladies, Hanna, Louise, Dana and Kathy, I have decided to start a new monthly project to create simple medicine wheels, or mandala, from found natural objects each new moon. I realise as we move into the snow-laden and lean months of winter that this is going to be potentially somewhat challenging, but we will see what I find along the way...

So to begin, I took a quick wander round my garden yesterday morning gathering a few objects that spoke to me particularly: rowan berries (naturally), pine cones (lots of them), and the last few remaining snowberries. Finally I added to these found things a few seeds from the pumpkins the boys gathered last week to create my first herbal medicine wheel.

I rather like its simple, minimal design and Yule-ish feel about it with its Nordic colours. And yet with the pumpkin seeds, it is pulled very much back to this point on the calendar. Pleasing!

I am looking forward to seeing what December's new moon will unveil... Now to go give this all back to the birds and critters *sigh!*

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