visual quest | completing the journey

October 09, 2013

visual quest shamanic painting with pixie campbellvisual quest shamanic painting with pixie campbell
It's been a long, long road travelled for me, but I think I'm going to finally call this one complete.

Although I experimented with some minor details and embellishments even they felt 'too much' and almost frivolous alongside these strong characters. I like that there is still more to see if you look closely, like the whispers of other spirits. I like also that these characters are loose and undefined, allowing the viewer to interpret their shapes as they feel them to speak. I love their mercurial qualities! I have been researching these characters as I see them and there is so much overlapping medicine in this that to garnish it with more details would dilute the strength of it.

All that remains for me to do is to neaten the edges and then it will be ready to hang in my space here. When I look at it I feel complete and whole, and that is a good sign.

And here it is in its' entirety...

visual quest shamanic painting with pixie campbell view the full journey of my painting's progress with commentary, you can search the blog using the tag #visualquest, or browse the gallery of images only over on Ipernity.

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