a jerryberry summer holiday

September 09, 2013

jerryberry handmade clothesjerryberry handmade kite

Further to my work in progress sneak peek's way back in the summer, I am finally able to share some photos of the completed outfit and accessories I was working on prior to my trip.

Little Miss Berry's summer ensemble began with the idea of simply creating her some new summer clothes that actually fit her rather than making do with other dolly cast-offs. Having already made her a few jersey pieces, I decided after looking at my fabric stash that this would be the best choice for an easy, comfortable play set. Red and white stripes being very much the quintessential beachwear. From there a request for a sunhat that could also be a versatile piece across other outfits was made, followed soon after by one for a kite.

And not just any kite, no. But a working kite!

So yes indeed this miniature, 1/6th scale kite is made just like you would a traditional 'bean-sized one complete with flight harness.

I have to say that this (and the boater) really was the most fun part of the whole set, as I had never made a proper kite before, let alone a miniaturised one. So it really was quite the learning experience *grin!* I especially like the look of the natural linen, even if it is very plain, and am rather proud of the fun kite tail. I am quite jealous of Little Miss!

So, what crazy projects have you been up to lately? Or is that just me?

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