the august break // refraction

August 12, 2013

august break 2013
Inspired by today's August Break prompt, my brain ran along a train of thought and 'we' played with several of these DIY in-camera tricks. My favourites and ones I found most successful, were candy-coloured filters made using coloured wrappers and some crazy refractions with an acrylic 'crystal' commandeered from an old light fitting. A little more practice is required, but I had a heap of fun playing all the same... *grin!*

For (more or less) every day this month, I am joining Susannah Conway for the August Break 2013. A month of photo prompts to share on our blogs, with words or not. Nice and simple. Easy, peasy!

You can check out all my entries as they gather here on the blog, along with all the other wonderful images from the project community, using the hashtag #augustbreak2013

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