the perfect writing tool

July 06, 2013

Ever since I began working through The Artist's Way by Julia Cameron as part of a book group over two years ago, I have been diligently writing my morning pages as part of my daily habits.

"The bedrock tool of a creative recovery is a daily practice called Morning Pages"

The theory behind the idea of Morning Pages is basically a brain-dump of those thoughts that gather first thing in the morning. All those mundane mental lists and thoughts gathered overnight that would otherwise cloud the rest of your day. While I never was able to consider the prompts suggested for morning pages in the book during my book study, I have found them an indispensable tool for working through topic obsessions, working through problems that I wouldn't otherwise take the time to process, and for combating intermittent moments of insomnia.

Initially it was a 'part of the process' of working through the study book and it took me the best part of those initial twelve weeks to find my morning writing groove. For me, the continuation of this habit would be the success at which I was able to fit my writing into my morning routine. Therefore the process had to be quick, comfortable and inexpensive (considering these were only brain-dumps, after all). Along the way I have experimented with various different writing tools, locations and rhythms. Presently I think I have just about got it as near 'perfect' as I am able.

I say 'near perfect' as I am still searching for the 'perfect' writing tool for the job having tried out a number of writing implements, including my current method of the humble HB pencil. For the purposes of writing my morning pages, the perfect writing tool would be low-impact on my pocket and the environment, and yet high on longevity and quality. I can imagine this ideal is quite likely impossible, but I keep hoping *grin*

Which is why I am very tempted by the idea of the Seven Year Pen by Seltzer. While I am unsure as to exactly how likely this pen's promise of lasting a whole seven years of considerable daily writing actually is, I am willing to give it a run for it's money in my search for the perfect low cost, high durability writing tool.

But tell me:

What's your favoured tool for daily journaling? I would love to hear your recommendations.

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