what I love

June 06, 2013

What I love:

thunderstorms and forked lightning // the smell of wet grass and earth // broad-leaf trees // wide open prairie skies // giant full moons rising over the mountain // the taste and scent of lemon and vanilla // green. anything green // a sky full of stars // frogs and lizards // making things myself // playing with web code // handmade sketchbooks

the blank canvas // dripping, splattering and smearing messy paint // the quite of the early morning and breathing deeply the fresh morning air // listening to the rain pelt against the window when I'm wrapped in my duvet // book stores and stationers // the smell of the newly printed page // fresh pink grapefruit // the smell of burning wood

walking in the rain // tapas and thai food // the peaceful calm of pilates // the thrill of trampolining and flying on a swing // teapots // handcrafted pottery // kraft paper and card // my children's spontaneous and unfettered free laughter // southern comfort or whisky // snorkelling the reef // exploring ancient ruined cities alone and 'hearing' the ghosts of centuries past

yarn displays and fabric stores // guerilla art // dancing // words and language // connecting direct with Source // classic fiat five-hundreds // vintage trucks and hot rods // steampunk and fantasy // digitally envisaged other worlds // graphic novels // children's illustrated fiction // carrot cake // brightly coloured or patterned wellies

rolling ranch land // horses roaming among the trees // lemon sherbets and sours // hats // sewing dolls clothes // miniature prop-making // jars of used paintbrushes // paint on my hands // rebelling // asian fashion dolls // dreadlocks // camp fires on the beach // art journals // living simply and with ease // following my passion

What do you love?

*This post was inspired by Lisa's recent writing prompt of noticing what makes us happy. I challenge you to try it too!

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