snap shot delight

June 11, 2013

snap shot delight
snap shot delight online class // Alisa Burke

I am a humongous fan of Alisa Burke's having followed her blog and process for many years, taking several of her classes along the way, so I may be a bit biased when I say I am really excited that she has been inspired to put together a fun mini class on incorporating creative photography into one's summer activities. It was an instant 'yes!'

" a huge part of my creative process, I carry a camera everywhere I go hoping to discover and document inspiration and capture the things that make my heart sing. From color, pattern and texture, to simple moments and milestones - the process of looking through my lens to see the world around me is a profound part of my life as an artist. Snap Shot Delight is not about camera settings and technical information - instead I have put together my favorite tips, unconventional tricks, prompts and all kinds creative ways to use your camera as a part of your creative process..."

For more information and to catch the early bird sale before class starts, visit Alisa's shop here!

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