shamanic journey work with soulodge

June 20, 2013

hot air balloon
hot air balloon // Leni Somnia

This past week I have been participating in SouLodge's Seven Journeys live telecast as a way to practice my rather rusty skills at pathworking in readiness for the class I am taking later this summer.

I have been having mixed results but am persisting with it as an experimental process rather than to necessarily have much 'success'. I am finding that the quality of my 'success' is mostly down to preparation and entry into the 'zone' ready for journeying. Unlike previous methods I have tried, this is far more open and loose with little guidance as to how to get 'down the rabbit hole'. However, despite these little bumps I am really enjoying the experience of journeying to the sound of drumming and it has got me hooked on the idea of getting my own drum and even forming a local drumming group of like-minded women.

Our week of journeying is almost up, but the daily habit has caught me and I am once again thumbing the pages of some favoured old books and sources for the clues they can provide in getting down that rabbit hole more easily. There is of course practice, but so too is having a map in the first instance. And that is what I am hoping to draw...

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