dancing with the fae folk

June 10, 2013

faery oracle
the faun, the myomancer, and gloominous doom // from the Faeries' Oracle, by Brian Froud

I have played (for play is imperative when consulting with fae folk) sporadically with these cards for so many years I have forgotten just how long we have known one other.

Always with the philosophy that these things work best when most needed and with time enough between for events to unfold as they must, I have tended to only call upon their clarity when I have felt the most need for perspective. As a result sometimes many months can go by quite happily between our meetings - hence, sporadically. But for all this lack of consistent contact, they have always been spot on in unravelling me from whatever it is that I have got myself tangled among.

This said, sometimes like today, I may not have had a particularly deep reason for meeting with them but just felt called to do so, for a check up so to speak. That it is the new moon did not go unacknowledged in its appropriateness. I am constantly learning (and re-learning again and again) our dance together and today's exchange turned out not to be what I had thought was on the agenda but instead was gifted some gentle reminders that they too have things to impart sometimes and that this is a two-way relationship.

Like I said, I am still learning this fae dance…

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