4 fun photography tricks

June 26, 2013

The perfection and precision of digital photography and editing is all very lovely and that, but now that I am getting more practiced at the basics, I am finding it can get a little boring going through the same motions and actions each time. Time to stretch myself and discover something new to play with, me thinks!

As I'm still too chicken to drop entirely out of auto just quite yet, I thought it would be rather fun to play with some 'old school' diy in-camera tricks - the unpredictable results of which I really like for their added humanness to the finished image, that for all the whiz-bang of photo-editing software can be somewhat lacking, I feel. Who knows, I may even actually learn some bonafide manual tricks along the way!

There is an absolute overwhelm of photography tips and tricks across the ether, but these four are definitely among my first pick for experimental adventures:

1. Coloured Filters - using nothing more than plastic lids and coloured Sharpie pens, David shows how easy it is to create some lovely colour-tinted results...

2. Dreamy Soft Focus - a simple technique used by film photographers to create a dream-like soft focus on photos with some interesting blurring and light effects...

3. Lazy Reverse Macro - any technique that means I can save some pennies is worth experimenting with in my book and this 'cheats' way of turning your regular camera lense into a macro one without need for fancy extra kit is definitely a go...

4. Prism Refraction - humorously demonstrated on video, I absolutely love this innovative kaleidoscope-like technique using prisms and light refraction to capture bizarre and beautiful images from all different angles...

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Do you have a favourite, in-camera photography trick you absolutely love? I'd love to see!

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