catching butterflies

July 16, 2012

jerryberry butterfly net
I've always loved making little miniature props. From shoebox dolls houses as a child, to model beach huts at university and upholstered wingback armchairs for a dolls house that in the end never was. With Blythe I made a few props also, though their focus was mostly in costume. The arrival of my JerryBerry has renewed my enthusiasm for creating miniature things, beginning with this butterfly net and collector's jar twosome this weekend.

jerryberry butterfly net
The net is version two - the first being wrong in all ways. Mostly because I was rushing in my enthusiasm, and probably because I was making it up as I went. That being said, with it I discovered how not to do it, and so this second version came out a whole lot better. Certainly Berry* totally loved trying it out in the garden this morning *grin*

jerryberry butterfly net
The little collectors' jar was an extra I made when seeing this 'cage' by Kimmi Lou and then this wonderful butterfly terranium by Suskita on Etsy. Both of there's were made for dolls' houses, so 1/12th or 1/16th scale and way too small for Berry or Blythe. Although I meant to I never did look into my books on dollshouse miniatures for diy how-to, as I kind of had my answer already... My little mini paper butterflies were miniturised reductions of some free downloads I found by Donna Downey. I only picked two varieties for this project, but would like to do something that used a few more of them another time as they were all so pretty...

jerryberry butterfly net
I also made the little hairclip. Just because.

Next up is a Tom Sawyer style fishing rod which I have the perfect stick sitting on my desk for. Though that will have to wait until at least next weekend as I have some speed to be made on a sewing project this week, so such fun things will be my reward for getting a wiggle on the 'must do' project *sigh!*

Have a lovely week, my friend. XO Bex

*Berry is still without a name. She is too busy chasing butterflies to be bothered in sitting down and talking about that question. Such things are boring when there's so much adventure to be had outside, don't you know?!

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