camera bags for town + country

July 04, 2012 on images to jump to source...

So I've only had my DSLR camera for a couple of weeks and already I am finding the need for a way to carry it safely and securely out of the house. I do have an old camera bag that currently stores my old SLR, but you know, it's *old* and clunky, screams 'camera bag' and does store that old SLR. So a new bag is in order, me thinks. And it is my birthday at the end of the month, so you never know...

Anyways, after much, much hunting and research the last couple of days I *think* I may have narrowed down my options (you know, baring financial restrictions and availability) to the above selections. I really only want to have just the one, do everything, go everywhere bag that will be not out of place in town or (more frequently) 'country' and that can couple as my purse also (gosh! I am demanding, aren't I?). My particular top favourites from the above are the Ketti and Matin bags, but I am still totally undecided, so the others remain in the running for now.

I haven't yet dismissed making my own bag, if I could find the right pattern that ticked all the boxes and that I could be sure I would feel confident in it's durability. But of course there's all the time and frustration involved in such a project, so I'm not sure about that. The option of converting an existing bag into a camera bag is also problematic as I don't feel I have a base bag ready to hand that would work. In either case my money and time may be better spent buying something already made. Or, you know, some nice kind person could gift me one. I'm not fussy ;)

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