messy painted calendar

January 06, 2012

diy 2012 calendar
This past week I have been getting back into my studio. Decluttering, reorganising, cleaning and updating. Before I begin into my other projects for the year ahead, I thought a couple of warm-up 'experiments' would be a good way to flex my creative muscles and release the pent up need to create that has been held under restrainment over the holidays.

One of my 'goals' for the year is to get a proper handle on making my studio some way towards my ideal of an artist's Aladdin's cave. One part of which is the putting up of more things on the walls that have so far remained very blank lime green ones to this point. Emergence from my Artist's Way creative cluster and the New Year have made me feel very bold however, and I have begun to break the 'rules'; pinning and sticking with fun abandon and disregard for any concept of maintaining 'perfect' unblemished walls *grin!*

On the flip side of this playful glee, I have also been doing a lot of thinking about being more organised when it comes to actualising my goals for the year. While I do use several notebooks to jot the multitude of ideas and plans and information that I gather, and use blank monthly calendar pages to see what's on the horizon, I realised I do not have a year-at-a-glance calendar in print that I can refer to.

So with these thoughts in mind, I thought what about making one? And so I have done. Inspired by Alisa's messy canvas calendar, and using findings from amongst our ever-replenishing recycling pile, I came up with this easy, year long wall calendar...

diy 2012 calendardiy 2012 calendar
Using my favourite expressive techniques of messy painting, printing, stamping, smearing, stencilling, dripping, splattering, and mirror-writing, I had a blast covering my rescued piece of packing card with colour, texture and layers. The calendar itself was created using a simple template that I adapted in Publisher and printed on a sheet of long legal-size paper.

Originally I was going to cut down the size of the card once painted, but actually I prefer the raw, not perfect, edges. And though it is bigger than I had first envisaged, at the same time I want to see the 'art' as much as the 'calendar', *grin*

diy 2012 calendar
What about you? In what ways are you organising yourself for the year ahead? Do you like the satisfaction of having a year-at-a-glance wall calendar to hand?

xo, B

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