fifth element diva

November 04, 2011

{ the Diva Plavalaguna from Luc Besson's film 'The Fifth Element' }

Just a little something to stimulate the senses this Friday... The first time I saw and heard this, it sent chills through me. I was enraptured with the beauty and magic of this experience. When I discovered later that the reactions shown by the audience were not rehearsed but were truly genuine, it thrilled me once more to know that these familiar on-screen personas had been equally touched. It made them more real to me, somehow... Originally released in 1997, The Fifth Element has shown little signs of age over a decade later. I loved it's Metropolis-style cityscape that incorporated overtones of Bladerunner's grungy future vision of Los Angeles. The plethora of costumes (some 954 in total) produced by Jean-Paul Gautier (and his team I'm guessing) were delightful in their often humorous take on fashion of the future (Ruby Rhod and Zorg's 'minders' come immediately to mind). This film was, and still is, a feast for the senses. Have a wonderful weekend, friends!

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