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November 13, 2011

Where do creative ideas come from? How come some people seem to have a seemingly endless stream of them, while others struggle to grasp just one? And can't we all tap into that?

I am just about at the half-way mark through the process of The Artist's Way and these ideas and notions are really coming out of the woodwork of late. The serendipitous connections that are flowing to me are each a piece of the puzzle as I navigate a new understanding and moments of 'Ah!'...

One key piece of that puzzle came to me this week by way of my dear creative friend Diane of The Dew Drop Inn, who has herself been through the process of The Artist's Way. This talk by Elizabeth Gilbert was most fitting to this week's topics for reflection and reinforced the connections of some other ideas that have been explored in the literature I have read previously...

Thank you, Diane (and Elizabeth)!

So yes, this concept of 'genius', or 'daemon' as I prefer... That's kind of neat and in many ways reminds me of a similar concept explored by Philip Pullman: that of the daemon as manifest soul outside of a person.

{ Lady with an Ermine, by da Vinci }

What made me connect these two was the possibility of the truth posed by Julia Cameron in her book: that ideas for creative manifestation are all around us, we just have to be open to receiving them and choose to accept them when they are offered. The more open we are to receiving these creative notions the more ideas come to us. Interestingly, serendipitously even, Elsie also touched on this topic earlier this week. Like Alice, we just have to be willing to fall down the rabbit hole...

My last thread to this, and returning to the idea of 'daemon', is that in order that our creative consort continues to come up with the goods, we have to feed that inspiration pipeline with experiences, images, play and mischief (for indeed they are childlike), and artist dates. Daily creative warm-ups and first-thing-in-the-morning pages clear our minds of the mental junk that distracts us artistically and get our juices flowing for the greater work.

Fun, and serendipitous, story: In searching for some ideas for my own artist dates the suggestion of making a stop-motion short film was proposed in a long list of suggestions. I thought nothing more of it until browsing back through blog posts in my reader and Valerie Parizeault's post at 'Oh My Handmade Goodness' jumped to my attention. So now of course, I am intrigued *hehe*

Does the concept of the possibility that creativity comes from outside of ourselves resonate with you? Does it lift the pressure of being 'source'? What of serendipity? Have you experienced moments of synchronicity? Do you accept them as part of a 'plan' or brush them off as coincidence?

Lots of questions I know for a Sunday, but I'm just bouncing ideas around over here. It's all pieces of the puzzle, you know. Just pieces of the puzzle... Thank you :)

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