inspiration sunday // creative affirmations

October 16, 2011

These past few weeks I have been taking steps to make new headway and progress in my journey. I have started working with a small group, or 'creative cluster', to participate in The Artist's Way workshop by Julia Cameron...

Part of this process is to incorporate affirmations that will facilitate a new, stronger sense of self. I have never been very good with the concept of 'affirmations', but these quotations I found spoke to me; recalling passages from the text read so far and understandings gained in the process.

The whole workshop is very personal, requiring much introspection. As a part of my processing this experience, I have decided to share a few thoughts every little while on what I have experienced, here, in this space. As a key part of my current 'evolvement', I feel it only in keeping with the concept of this blog: to record, and thusly share, all parts of my creative journey.

{affirmation, by Sema via Saving for Someday}

If you are unfamiliar with Julia Cameron's book and workshop, The Artist's Way, I encourage you to check it out through your local library system. For an introduction, you can visit her new website which includes a free 'round table' artist's forum and information on the key tools used during the course. If you have participated in her workshop already, I would love to connect with you and hear your thoughts.

Have you, or do you use, affirmations?

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