upcycled denim wrist cuff

June 09, 2011

upcycled denim wristcuff
Today I am off with my mom to her local art quilting group to attend a demo and presentation by a lady who makes art dolls to model her costume designs prior to going into production. As I am very interested in the whole art doll and costume-making thing, I am really excited about going and am thrilled I have been allowed to attend as a guest!

Before I fly out the door though I wanted to show you my latest creation (and what I am taking to 'show and tell' today): a hand-painted denim wrist cuff, made using torn up old jeans and fabric remnants given to me by a couple of local friends.

upcycled denim wristcuff
As my first version of this sort of thing it has a few design niggles to work out: though I measured and remeasured my wrist many times before reducing it to 'size' it is a little too tight for my liking; the elastic closure is a little on the thin side for my liking and I'd like to try out a zigzag stitch along the seams (though this will require my using my mom's machine), rather than the 'straight' running stitches I made using my own machine. I do like the rough, torn and frayed edges, and would like to make them a little more so next time around, maybe with a little more 'weathering'... what do you think?

I kind of threw a bit of everything I know at this cuff, so in addition to using reclaimed denim and cotton fabrics and my new found love of messy painting, I cut up some of my handmade felt to make the little leaves and used various beads and buttons from my stash (including a locally made, artisan pottery button) to add some sparkle. Lastly, the scrap of cotton lace helped to balance the piece visually without getting too busy. I wanted to create a cuff that could be worn everyday combining the various skills I have gathered under my belt, and at the same time create something that was not too plain. A little piece of fabric art.

I also think (with a few more modifications) that these would look great as a choker - sorry, no photos of me posing for that one just yet *grin!*

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