feeling a little artistically challenged?

June 15, 2011

I sure am! This past little while as I look towards the school summer break and think about what plans we shall make, I am feeling the need to 'take' myself on a little 'stay-cation' art retreat. I feel the need to engross myself in a daily ritual of actual art-making spurred on by the encouragement and challenge of others, stepping outside my comfort zone and stretch my artistic abilities. I feel most certainly that this summer is for play before the knuckle-down of autumn returns...

For a long while I have heard of various artistic challenges whispered on the ether that is the web'net. I've been tucking them away (for a rainy day) in a folder of bookmarks so as to find them again when I need. It is a little overwhelming when you look at all the options...

Firstly, there are the short-term, but intensive, 30-Day Challenges...

...via Run with Scissors

...via 30 Days of Doodles
30 days of art journalling
...via Traci Bunkers and Bianca

And then there are the Every Day Challenges that challenge you over a longer period. Some are daily, while others are weekly...

...via In the Sun

...via Balzer Designs

...via Traci Bautista

And, of course this list doesn't even cover the artsy e-course options out there... Are you doing any of these challenges? If not (like me), what would you choose to create your ideal stay-cation art retreat?

{Also, I'd just like to add a quick 'hello' to those visiting for the first time via LA's blog and her 5th Anniversay of Freckled Nest. Welcome!}

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