seeking texture

April 13, 2011

Hello folks! Seems like I've been away from here for absolute eons! It feels very, very odd to be writing here again. I've been so quiet and not at all my usual chatty self!

So as to keep my hand in the flow of blogging, I thought I'd share some photos taken on the weekend. With a sense of adventure, I took a walk out my front door on a quest to find interesting textures that could maybe be incorporated into future projects some time. On my walk I found some wonderful, peely weathering, some cool rusty stuffs and some wonderfully spiky seedheads that wanted to come home with us...

I was also looking to see if I could find some really cool graffiti street art, but it seems I live in a very upstanding community, as the only graffiti was well-worn with time and age and very nearly invisible... *sigh*

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