one thousand cranes

March 20, 2011

for japan
The dolly and handmade communities are doing amazing and wonderful things in an effort to raise funds to help those affected by Friday 11th's earthquake and tsunami. From charity auctions and raffles to donation of sales proceeds on items specially made, there has been an overwhelming response to what has left all of us watching in safety struggle to come to terms with it's humanitarian and environmental impact.

It was part of my personal New Year's pledge to do more for my community in 2011. Part of that community is of course the dolly one, and by that association Japan. So while I may have been otherwise silent this past week about all that's been happening, I have been mulling over what action (for that is what is needed more than prayer or good wishes, however well-meaning) I can take to help whilst working on completing a prior commitment (more news on that later)...

for japan
I have therefore decided to create some special little mini-plush bears to list in my shop as soon as feasibly possible. Presently they are just an idea, but I shall be working on them this coming week and listing them as they get completed. In the meantime I have decided that 10% of all sales from my shop this month will go to benefit relief efforts in Japan. In particular I shall be donating all associated monies raised direct to the Japanese Red Cross Society and ShelterBox. It is the least I can do to give back to the nation that brought me so much dolly fun.

The blogging, craft and dolly communities have been so awesome in their generous response, I would love to hear what you doing towards raising funds for Japan. Do let me know in the comments below...

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