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A practitioner of tarot and oracle reading for over 20 years, I hold space for the cards to be your mirror allowing deep insight to the source of your current experience.

Whether you are feeling just a little bit out of sorts and frustrated with a current situation, or have reached a point of overwhelm, confusion and burn out, a cartomancy reading can tap into and illuminate those things that are hidden, opening a path for breakthrough and resolution.

When we are at peace and can see the bigger picture we have the clarity and confidence to take right action in alignment with our true selves.

With a unique blend of right and left brain insight I offer that safe space so you can stop spinning your wheels, get grounded, and know with surety the way forward.

// "Beka's readings for me have been not just uncanny, but motivational. Whilst there's scepticism in the world there's also intuitive connection with the Universe. Beka is born of the second camp. And for me, her readings are inspirational because they force me to consider the stardust we are all made of." -- Saul, UK

// Alchemy Sessions //

:: 60-minutes face-to-face via Zoom
:: creative conversation + cartomancy reading
:: pdf report with session notes + high-res photos following our time together
:: one week of complementary email support

Sometimes we need to go deeper to unravel what is going on behind the scenes to cause the current blocks and stalemates with an objective cohort on our side.

Blending creative conversation with a bespoke cartomancy reading that explores your career and work in the world, this two-way process puts you in the driver’s seat. Using the cards as stepping off points we will spend 60-minutes exploring your heart-led career and life to uncover the answers that are already waiting for you.

Leading in with some pre-work that will help familiarise me with your current experience, we will meet via Zoom for focused conversation during which we’ll look at 7 cards for a career-specific reading.

At the end of our time together you will walk away motivated and inspired, confident you have a clear plan of action to move forward.

A full pdf report with session notes, high-res photos of the cards drawn and one week of email support will complete your experience. It is my sincere wish that the next phase of your journey is fully supported as you integrate and implement the insights from our time together.

// "I have benefited from Beka's skills as a personal mentor on numerous occasions. Her incredible and unique insights have helped me to see the whole picture and find my way through many challenges. She is able to listen through my confusion and find clarity in my thoughts and desires to help me lay a plan of action that has served me so well. I will continue to use her as the incredible resource that she is and would highly recommend her services to anyone wise enough to do the same." -- Amanda, BC

Investment :: $99.CAD

*following payment you will be redirected to my calendar to book your session + receive next steps

// The Burning Questions //

:: delivered by email within 72hrs of confirmed payment
:: intuitively drawn cartomancy reading
:: pdf report of draw narrative + high-res photo of cards pulled
:: a maximum of 2 questions can be explored

Sometimes we just need a tune up. A moment to check in with Source and listen to what Spirit needs us to hear.

With a focus on your career and work in the world, this e-reading is an opportunity to ask your most burning questions surrounding a current situation, challenge or decision and receive the guidance you need in order to move forward with confidence.

Using a combination of tarot and oracle decks, readings are narrated with stream-of-conscious keywords, sentence snippets and phrases that can open many pathways for exploration – earth medicine, mythological references, ritual, creative process and more - and all of which I offer as tools for your journey.

// "I am always impressed with Beka's facility and intuitive ability interpreting the cards. I had a wonderful reading and the whole process is incredibly straightforward. The spread drawn for me was very accurate. It helped me understand the situation I was in and helped to provide clarity to me in making my choices. I would definitely recommend Beka if you are looking for an intuitive, objective view of your situation." -- Tim, London

Investment :: $33.CAD

*following payment I will be in touch to confirm your questions

// Policies //
:: persons requesting an alchemy reading must be at least 18yrs old
:: Canadian residents subject to GST
:: due to the nature of the services offered I am unable to accept refunds
:: pdf reports will be delivered to email linked to payment - if preferred, please include an alternative in message to seller
:: formality requires that I declare that in no way is the feedback given to be taken over that of legal, financial or medical advice - all services are offered for educational, spiritual +/ recreational purposes only