hello, I'm beka

beka buckley ginger urchin

craft + tech blogger // career + life mentor

An English bird living in the 'wilds' of western Canada's interior, I am a super hero's wife and wrangler of two Jedi apprentices.

With a life long passion for creative expression, paired with otherworldly sensibilities and a love for the geeky side of tech, the past eight years I have shared my journey here at GINGER*URCHIN to connect with those of similar mind.

Presently my focus is on sharing craft, blogging and social media guides for can-do, multipassionate, creative souls who desire to be independent leaders of their domains, both on and offline. It is my intention that by sharing my journey, you too will find the way. Begin here to learn more.

In addition to this content, I run a small online shop of handmade paper 'quotational' garlands, and offer 1:1 cartomancy-led coaching sessions for busy, and often overwhelmed, creative entrepreneurs.

paper garlands oracle cards

In a previous life I trained as a ballet dancer, was a student of architecture, worked in fashion retail, then media marketing and software development, all of which I thoroughly enjoyed. Until I did not.

The decision to emigrate and a significant health crisis brought this somewhat random trajectory to a sudden halt and began a healing journey that would finally reveal my true path. One that I have continued to pursue ever since.

As a multipassionate, neu-Renaissance soul I am always up to something (no good, some might say), the latest of which you can read more about here, or take a peek at via my personal Instagram feed.

I absolutely love connecting with visitors to my corner of the ether'verse and reply to comments daily. Alternatively you can reach out privately with a quick missive here and I will be sure to respond directly. I look forward to our getting to know one another!

In the meantime, thank you for stopping by – it's so lovely to have you!


// "I love the way you go about your process. The ritualistic nature of the way you perceive things is one of your superpowers. When I look at your images and creations I can always feel the depth of truth in them, which is very powerful. Thank you for your presence and sharing your beautiful wisdom in such aesthetically nourishing ways." -- Laura, Ontario