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I believe it is our purpose to follow our path, and that following our path is our purpose.

A creative entrepreneur, I am a guide and mentor to multi-faceted creatives seeking clarity and ease on their path.

Using an array of tools gathered from over 20 years of personal exploration from tarology and psychology, earth medicine and creative practice, I offer perceptive insights and unwavering support during times of transition and evolution.


Many, many moons ago and following a significant health crisis that left me questioning everything and yet clearer than ever, I stepped off the rat race to begin a healing journey that would lead me back to self and my true path. A coming home that included an intercontinental move with my partner, two pre-school sons, and a much-loved feline.

Ever with an interest in the artistic and esoteric arts, I dove in to my craft and that of entrepreneurship following my enthusiasm and always striving to better my skill and knowledge.

Today I am a writer, photographer, cartomancer, a designer and maker of things, and an advocate for positive mental health through creative and spiritual practice; elements that all come together to inform my work as a pathfinder and guide to other multipassionate creatives.


It is my belief that to be truly whole one has to embrace all the pieces of oneself, that that embracing is entirely possible, and doing so enriches our lives’ experience exponentially.

An ambivert with equal parts left and right brain, I love meaningful conversation, lots of alone time, sci-fi adventures and kawaii pop culture.


What began on the spur of the moment as a fun way to document my latest hobby and keep in touch with others in the community, has undergone many iterations and transformations. As the process of blogging is want to do, I dove in to improving my photographic and writing skills, began learning about online business, and continually evolved what I wanted to share in this space of mine.

For a long time I have loosely focused my content here on creativity and spirituality, being core to who I am and what I have most wanted to share in such a forum. Woven through these there are also tutorials, book reviews, a small but growing library of free resources, and thoughts on the art of blogging itself among the pages here.

I have been 'blogging' now for close to a decade and to do anything other seems really alien. Naturally, I encourage any who are considering it to dive in and not worry too much about having everything figured out, for everything changes as you learn your art.

// I am so glad you are here. //
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