The ether'verse is full of amazing things and I welcome the opportunity to reach out to a wider audience with my contribution to the pool. As such you are free to share what you find here; the only caveat being that you link back to source with credit. In sharing to the likes of Pinterest and Facebook you are also free to quote short extracts from posts, again with appropriate credit.


I absolutely love hearing from my readers and welcome constructive comments that add to the conversation. Differing opinions are allowed, but I kindly ask that in expressing these a respectful tone is honoured. Comments I deem as offensive or otherwise inappropriate will be removed at my discretion.


With the assistance of external tools this site collects contact information for the sole purpose of delivering posts and other declared updates direct to reader inboxes. This information is held in confidence and will not be used in any other way. Nor will it ever be sold or shared with outside parties.


It is with careful consideration that GINGER*URCHIN is a 'for profit' blog. I do however only promote things that I personally use and truly believe in. This means that should you make a purchase through a link hosted here I may receive a small commission in referral. Though this association does not affect your buying experience, it does however help contribute to running this site.


It is important to me to provide an exemplary service. As such I am obliged to advise you that I am not licensed as a healing arts practitioner and that the Alchemy Sessions are neither therapy nor medical treatment. I am unable to diagnose, prescribe or treat any physical or psychological condition and ask that you refer to your physician or other qualified medical professional for help in this regard.

What I do offer are insights and processes based exclusively on my personal perspective and life experiences to support you in expanding your range of possibilities so as to make clearer choices for yourself. By committing into a mentorship partnership you will be required to honour your responsibility to the work.

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