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alchemical soul'utions for crazy-creative renaissance spirits

I see you.

Fiercely independent and enthusiastic, you love nothing more than to dive deep into learning how to do something in order to execute your ideas.

And oh do you have a wealth of those ideas, projects and interests you want to pursue in this lifetime!

For you it is all about being the master of your own fate, not about being put into someone else’s box. To build an invigorating and abundant life of your own design that inspires others to live their lives to the fullest also.

For you, just as the Universe itself, there are no limits to your potential.

You are amazing!


This super power can also be a double-edged sword that leads to distraction, overwhelm, burnout and a wretched cycle of never quite achieving the lift-off you desire, let alone the abundance you know exists for you.


In search of a solution you very likely have poured hours of time (dare I say it, years even) and more than enough gold into trying to get the breakthrough you seek. And let’s not even go there when people ask you to commit to something already!

Overwhelmed by all the information and shoulds coming at you from every possible direction, you are now seeking some straight up, honest advice to find a clear path to forward momentum once and for all. Either that or it’s back to a J.O.B - heaven forbid!

So here we are.

How do I know this? Can I read minds?

Probably not. What I can say is that I too have been here. I know all too well the sting of having passion and enthusiasm in spades and not know what I am ‘supposed’ to do.

While in many ways I would not trade my journey for anything, what I do know is I would have deeply appreciated a guide to show me how to make it easier through the labyrinth.

Much easier.

And so it is my absolute passion to serve those crazy-creative, multipassionate souls in their journey to unlocking their true purpose also. To provide alchemical soul’utions that illuminate a path to deep, long-lasting prosperity across all the realms.

the spiral path


Every journey is unique. Formulas and scripts will only get you so far. If you are beyond tired of trying to fit your square peg in all the round holes now is the time to seek something different: to stretch into something you may not have done before.

Using an array of tools gathered from over 20 years of personal exploration, from cartomancy and psychology, earth medicine and creative practice, I offer perceptive insights and unwavering support during these times of significant transition and evolution.

With conversation likely including, Boundaries, Creative Block, Entrepreneurship, Fear, Identity, Life Design, the art of Manifesting, Meaning, Purpose, Sovereignty, and Voice among others, you will:

  • clear the clutter + overwhelm of external expectation
  • reconnect to your innate Truth and Power
  • harness deep self-care practices for sustainable living
  • get clear on what you are meant to do
  • create an action plan for forward momentum
  • and shift from Limbo to Launch

Know that your Truth is safe with me and that it is far more brilliant and luminous than the stories we get caught in telling ourselves. Bring your burning issues, your doubts, your stuckness, and let us weave some transformational alchemy for you.

Things will never be the same.


Burning Question Clarity Session

60-minute diagnostic to clear the mental clutter and see where you really are before crafting a personalised map for forward momentum. Live via Zoom.

Using a combination of intuitive tarology and creative conversation this private one-to-one session will disentangle the overwhelm and get to the root of things before drafting a blueprint for your forward momentum - suggestions for which may include creative +/ ritual practices as well as more practical strategies and tools.

Following our time together you will receive a PDF containing all pertinent notes from our face-to-face session, including a high-res photo of cards drawn, for your ongoing reference.

And lastly, to support your subsequent integration you will have direct access to myself for one week via email +/ text to assist with any last minute questions.

How it works

  • initiate your breakthrough by making payment below
  • select your private one-to-one session at a time convenient to you
  • receive + return a short pre-meeting questionnaire
  • we meet online + you get clear
  • receive your pdf file + get email support


Burning Question Clarity Sessions are currently available at

*approx $120.USD; Canadian residents add 5% GST

After purchase you’ll be directed to a page where you’ll receive details on how to book your 60-minute session.
If you have any questions, please email For quick FAQs see here.

origami boats set sail


"Thank you for clearing things up for me. I definitely feel much better about my path." -- RaShaun, Eshalomi Web Development

"I have benefited from Beka's skills as a personal mentor on numerous occasions over the years. Her incredible and unique insights have helped me to see the whole picture and find my way through many challenges. She is able to listen through my confusion and find clarity in my thoughts and desires to help me lay out a plan of action that has served me so well. I will continue to use her as the incredible resource she is and would highly recommend her services to anyone wise enough to do the same." -- Amanda, Mountain Yogi Studio

"Beka is very good at reflecting back what is being said in a way that creates forward movement." -- Alison, Lead by Nature

"Beka's readings for me have been not just uncanny, but motivational. Whilst there's scepticism in the world there's also intuitive connection with the Universe. Beka is born of the second camp. And for me, her readings are inspirational because they force me to consider the stardust we're all made of." -- Saul, Cat Amongst the Pigeons

"I love the way you go about your process. The ritualistic nature of the way you perceive things is one of your superpowers. When I look at your images and creations I can always feel the depth of truth in them, which is very powerful. Thank you for your presence and sharing your beautiful wisdom in such aesthetically nourishing ways." -- Laura, Soul Art Studio

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