traversing the productivity cycle: from funk to feeling it

May 13, 2018

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aka: on riding the wave of lethargy when you’d rather stay in bed + eat ice-cream

It had been quite the month.

What with power outages, social media shenanigans, computing failures and subsequent upgrade fast track learning curves, mailing misadventures, one case of the chicken pox and a new platform launch, things were a little bonkers.

And I was just plain flat.

For all the false enthusiasm I could stretch to, my todo list was just not happening.

Not even the fun stuff.

When it comes to periods of ‘not feeling it’ and lethargy there seems to be a lot of pressure put upon us to pick ourselves up, out of it and back to full on productivity and positive contribution as soon as possible.

People get uncomfortable both with either being inactive themselves, or seeing others in this state. Like there's something unnatural or dysfunctional about it. Just as going through a period of bereavement, people prefer to avoid states of gloom and malaise with this unspoken rule that everything should be all roses and sunshine.

What many guides and suggestions on finding one's motivation fail to acknowledge is that this cycle of inactivity IS part of the whole. Even when they do make mention, there is still this sense of eagerness to jump over this part and carry on as quickly as possible without truly understanding its cause or root.

Without these natural cycles of pause though, or acknowledgement of, we can quickly push ourselves into over extended burnout and be left wondering why.

We forget our humanness and the frailties that are part of the package.

from funk to feeling it - on riding the wave of lethargy when you'd rather stay in bed + eat icecream // #creativeprocess #creativeblock #getunstuck c/o @gingerurchin

What then to do when we are in a period of stuckness, uninspired and demotivated?

// First up, remind our human selves this is a normal part of the course. Especially so when we spend so much time in our heads apparently racing towards whatever it is and forget our actual physical needs.

Check in with ourselves physically. How are we doing for sleep, blood sugar, vitamin or hormonal imbalances? Are we eating a proper balanced diet and not so much of those things that are bad for us?

// Second, actually take the time to sit in the feeling of your stuckness. Stop trying to circumnavigate it. As if that will make it go away like magic. Nothing good will come of that save lengthening the time it takes to move through it.

// Put things on pause. Stop the inflow of external stimuli (social media, news feeds + educational thought pieces), reschedule those things that can, really, wait.

The last thing your stuck needs is more advice or shoulds on how to proceed. The problem that has brought you here is all that noise. Taking the time to tune into what your own mind, body and spirit are saying is where we find clarity and right self.

// Work small. Tiny even. Rather than tackling those big, heavy project todos, work on things that call for way less brainpower. When your energy levels are low, the struggle is very real. So be kind to yourself and take incremental steps.

This may even mean not working on ‘work’ but switching to catching up on housework, physically clearing your usual work space or simply attending to those things that need it.

// Talking things through with a sympathetic friend is one way to go, another is to journal it out, stream-of-conscious, morning pages style to get to the root of what is going on, and another is to pull out the cards and dialogue with the stuck.

Often when we encounter these phases of despondency or frozen rabbit there is good reason beneath the surface which is stopping us from proceeding as we would like.

Voltaic causes aside, sometimes it is something deep within us, a preset belief that contradicts what we desire, and sometimes we get stuck because we have become misaligned somehow from what we want, in exchange for what someone else says we should.

// Lastly, simply turning your attention to that one particular project that’s become a bee in your bonnet and following your enthusiasm can be as much of a refresh to your soul and spirit as any vacation.

This can be something in your business you really want to get to and have been dutifully putting off. Some ideas just want it NOW and there's no getting away from them.

So too it could equally be something completely unrelated to your 'work' - a personal, private project that has been calling you. Or simply reading that book that's been on your side table for, oh I don't know, three weeks, untouched..?

Go do it! Go do it guilt free.

You have my permission.

Sometimes the root of all our stucky funk though is simply that we need to stop.

Unlike our voltaic tools, we are not machines that can function in perpetual motion. We are creatures of nature that has seasons and cycles to move through. As such we have our phases of output and those too of input and restoration.

If there is any balance to be found, it is in the ebb and flow of this.

Even with the best will in the world, the trick is surrendering to knowing it will move to it's own timetable and not something that can be predetermined.

So tell me:

When you are in the throws of a funk, what does your intuition tell you you need? How do you ride the wave to feeling it?

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